Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Self Defense Class

On Sunday I took a self defense class through Leisure Learning that I have always wanted to take.  The class itself lasted for 3 hours with a break halfway through and it was held in the Richmond area of Houston.  Since I am a woman and sometimes run by myself it's good to know how to protect yourself.  Plus, living in Houston (or actually anywhere!) it's good information to know.

The instructors name was some sort of name we couldn't pronounce so he said to call him R.A.  He told us his background on how he got into martial arts and that he is about to test for his Masters Black Belt (I think he said something about a 4th degree black belt).  After he told us about himself, he had us all go around the room to introduce ourselves and tell why we were taking the class.  The class was made up entirely of women (but guys sometimes take it) and we all had varying reason as to why we wanted to take the class.  For the most part it was all about safety and being in Houston at different places alone (like running, parking garages, college, work, the mall, etc).  One lady told a horrible story about someone was breaking into her house and she was hiding in her closet under clothes until the cops got there.  Scary!

We learned moves and techniques to help us defend ourselves.  He demonstrated the moves first with a volunteer then we all took turns practicing on each other.  He came around the room to make sure we were doing the techniques correctly and answered questions.

Some of the things we learned were:
-Choke Holds (standing up and lying down)
-Weapon Situations
-Bear Hug-like holds
-Rape on the ground holds
-Blocking techniques
-Using your 'power center' (core) vs muscle
-What to do if someone is pulling you by your hand and you can't get away
-What to do if someone is picking you up and carrying you
-Use the first two knuckles (pointer and middle) on your handles to strike with and keep your fist and wrist in a straight line

The last thing we did was learn how to kick correctly.  Bring your knee up, then kick with the ball of your foot for better force.  We got to practice with the instructor (he was wearing a padded vest) he said my kick was really good.  I kicked him backwards a few feet and I felt horrible and apologized-I said I am sorry!  I am training for a marathon and my legs are powerful. :/

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend everyone to take this course.  You can take the course through Leisure Learning or you can contact the instructor to have private group sessions with him (like a work, church, family, friends, book club, etc) and he will come to you.  Loved it and would absolutely recommend him as an instructor.

How to contact:
Leisure Learning class description: Here
**I am not sure if he would want me to put his contact information on this blog so I didn't add it.  Contact him through Leisure Learning to set things up (but if you are the instructor you can email me and give me the ok to put your info online and I will add it to my blog!).

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