Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pitch Perfect

We went to see Pitch Perfect today at the theater and it was really funny.  Since I don't have t.v. at my house I don't see movie previews as much as I used too.  I was watching a YouTube video or something and I saw the preview and couldn't wait to see it.  (edited to add:  I do have A t.v. at my house, but I don't have it hooked up to cable or even one of those antenna boxes.  I can watch dvd's on it, but no t.v. shows).


Since I moved on this side of town I haven't been to the movies yet so I looked on Fandango to see what theater was closest to me and what time the movie started.  Lucky me, the theater closest to me was a the mall (destiny?!) and I needed to buy a new pair of black heels for work so I stopped by Macy's on the way. 

The movie started at 12:55 pm and I hadn't ate lunch yet so I got a drink and cheese sticks (not healthy!) and found my seat.  There were literally about 5 other people in the entire theater with me so I found a seat at the top easily.

The movie is really funny and I laughed a lot of the time, although some things that were said were inappropriate.  I was singing along (not out loud) to most of the songs that they sang, and I really want to buy the soundtrack now!  I wish I could sing. :/  The movie is predictable but still worth seeing.

Go see it! 

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