Friday, May 24, 2013

Pure Healthy Eatery

This weekend I went to a great health food restaurant in the Woodlands called Pure Healthy Eatery on my way to volunteer at Ironman Texas 2013.  I searched for a healthy restaurant on and Pure Healthy Eatery showed up. 

I found it easily when I got to Research Forest (as easy as you can find anything in the Woodlands with all of the trees blocking everything) and went right in.

The menu has a great selection of all natural foods and organic fruits/veggies.  I had the Garden Roast sandwich with a side salad and the Can’t Beet It pressed juice.  The juice was blood red and very yummy, I felt like a vampire. ;)  I didn’t think to ask them to put it on ice though, so it was a bit warm.  On the way out I added ice and it was so much better!  The sandwich was good too; there were so many veggies in it that they all started coming out.  Yum.

The restaurant also had a bulletin board where you could put your business card or flyer about an upcoming event.  I saw a vegan food festival that is coming up in mid June that I can’t wait to attend.  Yay!

I would definitely recommend this place if you are in the mood for something healthy!!

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