Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The time I had a breast reduction

I feel it is important to put my story out there for everyone to read because I know that I feared what will happen during and after my surgery and I want every woman out there thinking of having one done to know what happened.  Before my surgery I couldn't find stories about breast reductions, so here you go! :)  Surgery is a scary thing, but I am thankful that I was able to get one done and that it turned out great.  Talk to your doctor about the risks involved since this is only my experience and there are different risks for different ages. I went through a plastic surgeon, but be sure to research the doctors in your area before having it done (and don't just choose one because they are the cheapest!  Insurance covered mine and if you go through the proper procedures yours might as well-at the time we had Blue Cross Blue Shield). 

In December of 2009 I had a breast reduction.  The doctor removed 4 lbs total from my breasts.  I lost 4 lbs instantly!  Actually, not really but it sounds great, LOL. 

Before picture (in October 2009):

Recent picture (May 2011):

See the difference?  They were gigantic weren’t they? haha.

The reason I am telling you this is because it was the one thing that got me really moving on my weight loss journey.   Sure, I had joined Curves before and worked out there but I always felt in the back of my mind that it wouldn’t matter and that no matter how hard I worked out my huge boobs would still be there.  They always held me back.  Now that they are gone I feel free!  My back hurts less, my posture is much better, and I don’t always feel like everyone is always looking at my boobs and not me.

I used plastic surgeon Dr. Chaney in the 1960 area at T.O.P.S. hospital (Houston).  I highly recommend him. He is a great plastic surgeon, has a great sense of humor and a bedside manner, and most importantly, he is a Christian man.

The recovery:  I had the surgery the week of Christmas 2009 on Monday the 21st, the following Monday the 28th, I was back at work (moving slooooowly though).  For the first week it took so much energy to do anything!  Putting my clothes on for Christmas dinner was a chore and I felt like I needed a nap afterwards.  I gradually got my energy back to full speed and started working out again in early February.

It was a year and a half ago so my memory is fuzzy, but here is a recap:
Monday-I went into surgery early (around 7am?) and was terrified!  What if I don’t wake up, what if they look funny? What if they are uneven? LOL.  (Note:  I had only been in the hospital twice, once when I was born and once when I broke my arm and they had to put me to sleep to reset it…so I was nervous!).  I remember the nurse trying to wake me up and all I wanted to do was sleep.  They wheeled me in to my room and I heard my Mom talking somewhere.  ‘Where’s my Mom’ I said (yes, I wanted my mommy) and she was right there along with both my grandparents, my little sister Tori and my Dad Keith (my grandfather might have been there but I was on pain medication so I don’t remember much of this day).  I had to wake up to eat something and for them to check me out.  My sister texted everyone that I was ok and out of surgery (I loved those texts BTW, they made me feel special with all my friends and family praying for me!).  Then I went to sleep and my family went home.  My blood pressure was really low so they took me off the morphine to see if that’s what was causing it (it was) so I didn’t get any more morphine the rest of the time.

Tuesday-In the morning I woke up and they told me that I was doing great.  They said I could go home around lunch if I could walk around by myself.  I had a catheter in and they removed it so I could get up and about.  Both of my grandmothers hovered walked around the hospital with me while I got my strength back up.  They took me home and I went straight to bed!  It was arranged earlier that instead of staying at my house by myself while I recovered that I would stay at my parents house in my little sisters room because she had the TV (she didn’t mind).  I was sitting on the couch with my older sister Laura and had just taken my Vicodin.  Laura was sitting with me so my Mom could run some errands and I wouldn’t be left alone just in case something happened.  Laura and I were talking and my palms started to itch.  I just itched them and kept talking (I’m a talker), then the itching got worse and that’s when Laura started to notice.  She asked if I was ok and I told her that I was just itching a bit.  She called my Mom and told her I needed new medication since I was having an allergic reaction.  Go figure, I’m allergic to Vicodin! 

Wednesday-The shower day.  I remember I had to take a shower and remove the bandages to clean them.  Yuck!  I am not a fan of blood (but vampires are hot!).  TMI: The bandages were sticking to me and had blood clots (double yuck) and I almost passed out then.  Luckily my Mom was there helping me and she made me not pass out.  I had stitches that dissolve and stitches that I could see.  The surgery was an Anchor shaped scar so there are a lot of stitches.  The water in the shower was not hot (can’t really have hot water on you after the surgery) and I got out and reapplied the bandages and sports bra that Velcro’s in the front.  After I had used up my energy for the day, I fell back asleep.

Thursday-CHRISTMAS!!!  Who doesn’t love Christmas?!  My Mom had went to the store and bought me a yellow zip up sweat shirt and yoga pants so I would have something easy to put on.  I had been laying around in my flamingo pajamas and my new heart pajamas the entire week so it was time for me to get a new outfit.  I was so tired by the time I got dressed that I didn’t want to go downstairs.  My family had all come over so I wouldn’t have to go anywhere (I <3 font="" style="mso-spacerun: yes;" them=""> 
I was moving really slow but I made it.  I did go back to bed before everyone left.

Friday-Saturday-Sunday-just the same ole stuff, but getting stronger everyday.

Monday-Back to work day.  I thought I could handle the drive, but with potholes, seat belts, swerving, and holding my arms up on the steering wheel the entire time (at 10 and 2) it was not fun.  I drove from Spring to Pearland (about 45 minutes without traffic).  I got to work exhausted, hurting, and bleeding from a few stitches.  I couldn’t lift anything heavy so I just did light paperwork (which is pretty much what I do anyway but sometimes I lift heavy boxes and move them places).  Several people at work new that I had had the surgery and it was really awkward.  I felt like they were staring the entire time at how much was gone.  That first day back I held a binder up to my chest when I was walking around. LOL.  It was all in my head though I’m sure.  The next day I worked at an office that was closer to my parents house so I wouldn't have to drive that far again, then the day after that I went back to my house and was ok to drive to work.

Skip to January-stitches removal!  Stitch removal = OUCH X 50!!!!

February-fully back up to my energy levels, stitches out, and workouts begin.  I did try this ab cruncher machine that a bar goes across your chest…no smart!  After that pain had subsided I left the gym that day. Ha ha.  I started more cardio (spinning!) and light weights that didn’t involve my chest muscles. 

Scars-my scars are minimal and although you can tell they are there I don’t really notice them so much.  Where they reattached the nipple there scaring is heavy and you can see a circle scar through a light shirt.

That’s it!  That’s my breast reduction story.  Hope you had a great read.


  1. Wow, that is quite a recovery! I’m glad that you are happy with your new shape now. Looking at the pictures, I must say it is a big improvement, and you definitely look good! Though it is amazing that you achieved a very fast recovery, it is best to see your doctor regularly and tell him about the changes (good and bad) on your breast. If there are any changes in sensation, shape or color, notify him immediately so that he can tell you about the symptoms and prescribe you some medications if needed.

  2. I think it’s great that you have the confidence to put your breast reduction surgery story out for the world to read. It’s important that people get this side of surgery stories because many people have built a rather negative opinion of cosmetic surgery. We have forgotten that cosmetic surgery was first conceptualized to help people who have been disfigured by illnesses and accidents. It doesn’t always have to be about vanity. I’m very glad that your breast reduction has helped you get healthier. Congratulations on making a great recovery, and good luck with the rest of your weight loss!

  3. Congratulations on your successful surgery! I can imagine how much self-esteem the procedure has brought you. I also noticed that you were a lot more blooming in the after photo. That’s a good thing because it means that you made the right decision.