Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Getting Hot Plan

So everyone knows that I have been trying to lose weight for awhile.  Every since I had a breast reduction in December of 2009 I have been trying to eat healthy and stay active.  I have lost about 30-35 lbs since December of 2009 and I can’t seem to lose more!  Ugh! 

I have decided on a plan of attack to lose even more weight and “Get Hot”.  I am calling it my “Getting Hot Plan” or GHP. These are things that I have read about on other blogs and through books.   I plan on doing these things throughout the end of the year (while working on my other list) so I can be super hot, hot, hot! Hopefully I can get to my goal weight of 135 by then!

I don’t want to add anything about calorie intake because I know that with the increase in activity I will be hungry!  I know I need to take into account my exercise calories but I don’t want to overeat and overcompensate for them.

Here is a detailed out line of my Getting Hot Plan:
1.  Run 4X per week (at least 3 miles during week and 6+ on weekends).  This is one to prepare myself for my ½ marathon in December. 
2.  Do 30 Day Shred for 1 month straight (this is also part of my 30 Under 30 list)-Jillian Michaels is one bad mama jamma and I hurt after her DVD’s.
3.  Read Skinny Bitch-I’ve read several reviews of this book and I want to check it out.
4.  Watch Food Inc.-This is a movie on the food industry and I’ve heard it makes you not want to eat anything ever again that isn’t organic.
5.  Do Insanity (one full cycle)-‘cuz it just looks crazy!  We will see how it goes.
6.  Watch Food Inc.-This video is supposed to be about how the food industry works and I am intrigued.
7.  Do P90X (one full cycle)-‘cuz everyone else has done it and so can I (or just at least give it a shot)
8.  Run at least 2 races per month (5K’s can count towards #1)-Also to help prepare me for #9 and beyond.
9.  Run ½ marathon in December-Part of my 30 under 30 list and one of my goals I never thought I could do-but I now know I can-I am woman, hear me roar!
10.  Remain somewhat vegetarian-Sometimes a girl just needs a steak so I am not going to say never again!
11.  Eat no/less process foods-self explanatory
12.  Post pics/updates at least once per month-So ya’ll can keep this girl motivated and accountable!

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  1. I have Skinny Bitch if you want to borrow it, if you haven't bought it or borrowed it elsewhere already! It's interesting but graphic... I re-read it every now and then to help me get back on a health kick.

    Have you ever seen the documentary "Super Size Me?" You can watch it for free on Hulu, usually, and that was a huge motivator for me to eat less fast food as well!

    If you ever want an accountability buddy for exercise, healthy eating, and running, hit me up!! These are all things I value but struggle with a lot, too.

    You rock and you'll be even hotter than you already are in no-time!

    P.S. Can I borrow Jillian when you're done with her? Tyler and I are having a weight loss competition and I MUST WIN!