Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Outriggers by the Bay 5K

A while ago I signed up for the Outriggers by the Bay 5K in Kemah TX.  We raced today and I was soooo tired at the end of it.  Two months ago at my Astros 5K I ran it with no problem, but today it was so hot and muggy that it was horrible!  I didn’t run the entire time like I did my last race, but I haven’t been running every morning like I used to.  I was doing great until the second water station where I stopped to drink.  After stopping I just felt so drained and could not focus.  I walked about 1/2 a mile after the second drink station and then started jogging again.  Would there be no end in sight?  Finally, after I took another walk break a woman that was running said "Don't stop!  You are doing so great.  Only a 1/2 mile to go."  That is the push and the mental boost I needed to run as fast as I could.

Here are some pics!

On Friday after work I picked up my race packet at On the Run in Clearlake.

I picked up my packet, and my friend Michelle’s packet.

Outriggers is an oyster bar and grill in Seabrook where the 5K was held.  My friend’s dad actually owns it! (but I didn’t see him)

The racers!  Me, Michelle and Armando

Me and Michelle (Michelle is one of my friends from high school.)

Me and Armando (Armando is one of my friends that I met in college at SFA, he lives in Lufkin, TX.  He works nights so he got off work at 3:50 am, went home and took a shower and drove straight here for the race.  That’s dedication!

I got my chip for my shoe and I’m ready to go.

At the finish line

After the race we wanted a place to sit and rest but inside Outriggers was way to crowded so we sat on the bridge.  We were tired.

My official time was:  36:27.5  which means this is MY PERSONAL RECORD FOR A 5K since I beat my last 5K (Astros-37:13.1) by .86!!  (LOL, sad that it was only that much but whatever-I still beat it!)

Not great, but I am slow!  I will build up my speed, but right now my goal is to just do a few races in preparation for my half marathon in December.

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