Saturday, August 6, 2011

My first ever 5K

In May I completed my first ever 5K race (where I didn’t walk the entire time).  I had heard that the Houston Astros had a 5K-Astros Race for the Pennant at the end of May where you get a free t-shirt, a baseball hat, and two free Astros game tickets with registration!  I was so there.

The date just happened to land of my birthday (May 30th).  I was so excited.  My goal was to run/jog the entire time without stopping…and I did it!  I am a very slow runner, but I still lapped all of you that were sitting at home for Memorial Day on your couch! LOL.

My official race shirt that I had made for my first 5K.  Gotta represent being a Christian!
I was #876!

One of my friends from college Krista and her family decided to do the race with me!  Ginger (Krista’s mom and my friend!), Me, Krista, and Tyler (Krista’s new husband!)

Krista and me

Me and Debbie (Debbie was my Mary Kay consultant originally then we became close friends)

My friends Erika and Oscar came out to support me for my race!  I have great friends!!

Krista running!

It’s me all hot and sweaty!

Sweaty and gross

Who doesn’t like beer when you just finished a race and are all hot and sweaty at 8:30 am?  (Raises hand…umm, me!  I don’t like beer anyway, but yuck!).

Debbie and me

Afterwards we all went out to breakfast for my birthday.  Did you know that calories don’t count on your birthday?  It’s been proven.

Happy Birthday to me!

 My official time for this race was: 37:13.1 Slow but I finished!  See you at the next race!

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