Thursday, April 28, 2011

It’s Good to Have a Goal

My newest goal/hobby is running.  I have never really liked to run. Actually I have never felt like I could actually run for miles and miles without stopping so I made myself believe that I didn’t like to run.  That’s not true.

Once I started believing in myself a bit more (working on it), I knew I could do it.  Ever since I have had my breast reduction surgery I have started to work out more.  I used to workout at an all women’s gym (Curves) because I was so uncomfortable with myself and my big boobs that I didn’t want guys to look at me.  I have never been one to wear really revealing clothes because I think that is just sort tacky.  I don’t want guys to look at me for what I am wearing, but for what I am saying or doing.  If a guy is only interested in me for my looks or who he can show me off too then I don’t want him!  I am the first to admit that if I’m not attracted to someone I won’t date them (I LOVE guys with great arm muscles and baseball hats), but if a guy can only see what I wear and how I look in the clothes then I don’t want them.  I really could never be a gold digger or trophy wife because that would get really annoying!  I don’t want your money, I can make my own!  I will glady sign a prenup so no one can ever say that about me.

Anyway, back to running.  So after my surgery I started working out at a regular gym and venturing out into the non women’s only section (which took awhile).  Then I started walking at the park and running a lap (1/2 mile around).  Recently I have been thinking about the idea of running a 5K.  I started researching them and a friend at work mentioned the Astros Race for the Pennant on May 30th 2011….which happens to be my 29th birthday! 

So my goal is to 1. Complete a 5K race by my 29th birthday jogging the entire time 2. Get a big bunch of people to complete the race with me!

I can now run 2.5 miles without stopping, and I am working my way up to 3.1 miles.  I try and increase it by .5 miles each week.  Once I finish doing that I will start increasing my time.  WISH ME LUCK!

If you want to sign up for the race with me go HERE (it’s only $25 and you get two Astros tickets and a tshirt including in your registration packet).

If I didn’t have a goal then I would never have made myself get out and enjoy running.  I really am starting to enjoy it!  Why else would I get up and I am at the park by 5:30 am every morning running?  I am only half crazy.  If I didn’t have a goal I would sleep in never work out.  I invited lots of people to this so I can’t let them beat me!  That’s really my goal. lol

I get up every morning by my alarm clock named Jabba the Hutt.  He wants food and he doesn’t let me sleep in.  Some days he knows I am tired so he lets me stay asleep til 6 but other that, I am awake by 5:15!

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