Sunday, August 7, 2011

Froeberg’s Farm

 My neighbor Carol and I went to Froeberg’s Farm in Alvin, TX today.  Froebergs has been in business since the 1930’s and it is a great source of fresh fruits and veggies.  Me being a vegetarian now I need fresh fruits for all the food items I make now.  So today I got enough stuff for the week (maybe more) and also plenty of veggies to make Tortilla Veggie Soup. Froeberg’s is also a place where you can pick fresh strawberries and lots of schools go there for fieldtrips.

Picture of the front of Froeberg’s farm.

Outside there is a cute picnic area where you can get sno-cones!

I got a Strawberry Daiquiri sno-cone.

Carol got Blue Raspberry sno-cone.

Then we took pictures with a watermelon and a sno-cone.

We didn’t forget to tip the sno-cone makers for their ‘college fund’.  LOL.
I got home and these are all the great fruits and vegetables I got.  Plus my all time favorite trail mix.

My trail mix is a mix of yogurt, cranberries, almonds, . I put it in a container to keep it fresh and get a little bit each day for a snack at work!

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