Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Help

I just finished the book, the Help and it was wonderful!  If you have not read it yet, I suggest you hightail it to Barnes and Noble and pick up a copy.  When I was reading the book I was struck by how awful people were treated back then.  I just wanted to educate these people about some things! 

I went on Saturday afternoon to the AMC in Houston for the 12:45 show.  I had finished my Kingwood 5K, went home, took a shower, cleaned a bit, and left for the show. 

For a 1 pm movie it was really crowded. 

  I still hadn’t gotten my full appetite back from the race (is that just me or do other people not feel like eating right after a race?) so I just brought some trail mix that I got in my race packet and munched on it. Shhhh….don’t tell anyone that I brought food in with me.  I am a rebel!

The movie:

I really liked it.  Of course, as with any book then turned movie combo that I read I always love the book more, but it was still really good.  They combined some parts of the movie to make the movie more seamless.  I loved how they actually made the movie funny! The book had a few funny parts, but the movie made me laugh at several parts.  They really made the book come alive.  I didn’t really like how they made the part with Constantine different. I don’t want to ruin the movie for anyone, so that’s all I have to say.  I also didn’t like that they took out mostly all of the Skeeter/Stuart story line.

The Cast:

Ms. Hilly-She was kind of disgraceful.  In the book she was a nightmare, but in the movie she was really bad.  I had pictured her more graceful and evil behind your back.  She was evil in front of your face!  The pie part with her squishing it in between her teeth and smacking was really gross!

Skeeter-I love Emma Stone as an actress anyway, but I really think she nailed the character of Skeeter.  The attempt at frizzy hair was bad though, they could have done better.

Celia Foote-I loved her character in the book; she seemed like such an outcast.  Secretly I wanted Skeeter and Celia to take over the club or start a new one and all the other outsiders of the town unite against Hilly Hollbrook!  That didn’t happen though. :/  In the movie she just seemed dumb and way to giggly.  Annoying!

Abileen-Nailed it!  What a great actress she is.  I loved the end when she is made to retire, her emotions were right on!

Minny-Love her in the movie.  In the book she seemed loud and obnoxious, but Octavia Spencer really brings her alive.

Stuart-I don’t know who I would have wanted to play him, but I didn’t like him.  I just pictured someone else I guess.  I wish they wouldn’t have cut out so much of his storyline, but I understand for time sake they had to.

Skeeter’s Mom-LOVE HER!  She is the perfect mom character.  Nag, Nag, Nag.

Elizabeth-I think she captured Elizabeth really well.  Especially when she was ignoring her children.

Constantine-I didn’t picture her so old and frail!  When they were retelling her part of the story I felt so sorry for her when she was serving people the food and kept dropping it.  In the book I don’t remember her being so old.

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