Wednesday, August 10, 2016

20 Pounds Gone

I weighed myself yesterday and I have officially lost 20 pounds!!!!!  20 pounds in 4 ½ months!!!!!  My Whole Foods, Plant Based diet started on August 1st and I weighed myself periodically and hit the 20 pound weight loss as of today! 

Honestly, I haven’t even been trying to lose weight.  I haven’t worked out more than 10 times in the entire four months. I know, I should do more workouts and with the start of my half marathon/10K training, I am hoping to lose more.  I need to stick to my half marathon training plan.

I think an average of five (ish) pounds per month isn’t too bad; it’s a little over one pound per week.  I have a cruise coming up over Thanksgiving so I am hoping to lose AT LEAST 20 more pounds, but my goal is 40!  That is 2.66 pounds per week to lose my 40 pound weight loss goal.  I can do it!!

 My goal is to not drink my calories.  I think that is a big hurdle.  I have gotten used to iced coffee, iced tea and soda and it needs to stop!  I mean, look at this chart!

Wish me luck on my journey!  It isn’t too late to sign up for our racing events in September, October and November with the Texas Bridge Series.

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