Monday, August 1, 2016

Waste Food or Waist Food

Were you taught that you shouldn't waste food?  I know I was and I think that is a (one of many) contributing factor to my weight gain.

Waste food or waist it

I heard the other day (at my TOPS meeting) that you can either "Waste food" or "Waist food".  Waste it as in throw it away or let it spoil and waist it as it put the food in your mouth and create a larger waist line.

It was a very interesting concept for me.  It wouldn't be too hard to just take it to go in a box and eat it later.  Sometimes though I can't take it home if I'm not going home immediately.  On those occasions, I will just have to feel bad, I guess.  :/   (anyone else have any suggestions on this?)

Sometimes food tastes soooooo good, that I just keep eating and eating.  Like, do I think I will never eat again?  The other day had to I stop myself from eating that because I was overeating and creating a 'waist line' that was larger than I am comfortable with.  I have to realize that I am allowed to get that food at any time I choose, I just have to go to the grocery store at another time.  I am working on this issue too.  I am working on stopping eating when I am satisfied, instead of "full" because the brain doesn't always get the signal from the stomach that it is full until you are waaaaaaaaay to full and you have to roll out of the restaurant.

I just thought it was an interesting phrase to share.  Happy no food "waist".

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