Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I am working on a new habit...getting up early and working out.  I drive an hour each way to work every day and it is HOT when I get off.  I have been feeling sorry for myself that I can't work out because of "time", but in reality, I can workout whenever.  I choose how I spend my time, I just haven't been choosing wisely.

I am focusing on keeping my schedule open at night so I am free to do other things.  That means I have to work out in the early morning.  That also means that I have to get up at 4:30 AM to have time to travel to the park, workout and shower before work. OUCH!  It is so hard waking up that early, but I am determined to start a new habit so that I can control my time in the evenings.

There is a shower at work so I leave by 5 AM, get to the park at 5:30 AM (ish) to workout and still have time to get a shower.  The good thing about leaving that early is that the traffic is very minimal and I get a great parking space on the bottom level of the parking garage.  Hooray!

This morning I got up and left on time but I got to the park and realized I forgot my work shoes.  My lime green running shoes were not going to work with my outfit today so I went to the only store that was open that early to buy shoes...Wal-Mart.  I actually really like them though and they are comfortable so far.  I don't care where I shop as long as they are comfy!

Anyway, I got to work and realized that I forgot my bra.  :/  #failnumber2oftheday  Well, since I didn't have time to workout due to my Wal-Mart shopping spree, my sports bra would have to work. Luckily I am wearing black so it didn't matter!

Mary Kay Cleansing Cloths great for sweaty workouts!

The main point I was going to make after that long story was how much I love my new facial cleansing cloths that I used today.  Normally I have to use a cleanser and a washcloth, but these are in one!  They foam up really nicely so I feel like I am really clean, which is especially important after a long, sweaty workout.  Love them!  You can buy them here if you are in need of cleansing cloths.

They are simple to use and can be taken anywhere, all you need is water.  Sometimes I can't wash my face right away after a workout because of a commute home in traffic or I have to run errands.  My face gets so dry and sometimes broken out after working out because of all of the sweat. Gross!  These cloths help because I can throw some water on them from my water bottle and cleanse my face and then just rinse it off.  Super simple.

I'm not trying to sell you anything, but I love sharing new tools that I find!  I have had these for a while but never got around to using them.  My aunt uses them for after she goes diving in Roatan.  All of that salty sea water is not good for your face.  Now I love them and they will be a permanent staple in my gym bag!

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