Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Kali's 3rd Birthday

My niece, Kali Claire, turned 3 on Friday!  I will be out of town next weekend during her birthday party so I decided to take her somewhere for her birthday instead of giving her a gift.  That child has a ton of stuff and doesn’t really need more toys, so I like to create experiences.  I personally would rather have experiences for my birthday, so hopefully likes them too. She is only three so she might not even remember, but that’s ok.

I think we have a leftie!!!!!!!!! #jointheclub
I decided to make her a Princess for a day and do some Princess type activities with her. There is a place in the Woodland’s called Sweet and Sassy that is for girls to get beautiful .  I got Kali the birthday package which included a manicure, pedicure, hair up-do, keepsake photo and a cat walk.  We also added on a make your own lip gloss station too. 

We got there a bit early because Kali tends to want to observe for a little while before jumping into an activity, especially if it is busy.  That day there was hardly anyone in the shop, so she was excited from the get-go.  We had about a 30 minute wait (which is forever in 3 year old time) so we looked at all the stuffed animals. All. Of. Them. 

Then we walked the catwalk because, why not?  I think this is one of my favorite pictures of the day. :)

When it was time for Kali to go, she was able to pick a nail color.  She chose pink of course because that is her favorite color.

Then it was time for her feet to soak in the tub.  I love how relaxed her face is in the picture.  Too cute.  They put some lotion on your hands and then put them in oven mitts (with a plastic baggie) while they work on your feet.  She was also very excited about getting a toe ring.
I think we have created a monster!  I have a feeling she will be asking to go back here instead of  us just painting her nails from now on.

Next it was time for nails! 

Then hair and a tiara with glitter!  When Kali really likes something she crosses her arms and has a little smile, so I knew she really liked how she look with her tiara.

I think her hair turned out so cute with a flower look.

Next was the lip gloss making station, which really was just the employee putting things in a container and Kali stirring it.  I was kind of disappointed in that, but I guess since she is three she couldn’t do much.  I just figured she would have more of a hands on experience.

After we left, Kali promptly fell asleep in the car.  I was going to stop at my sister’s work to show her off, but when Kali falls asleep we don’t dare wake her! :)  haha.

I forgot to mention my grandmother (Kali’s GG) came with us.  She likes to get out of the house and do things with us, so I figured it would be fun for her to join us.

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