Thursday, August 4, 2016

Goal: Read More

I had heard that you should strive to read 12 books a year (1 a month) at the minimum or even 52 books a year (one a week).  The idea of reading a book a month overwhelms me because I have started so many books in the past few years, but never finished them.  Partly because I get so bored halfway through that I quit, but that is another topic.

I heard the other day that if you read just 10 pages of a book a day, you could get through 30+ books a year?  Only 10 pages a day?  That is so doable and I can usually do that within the 30 minutes it takes me to fall asleep.  

I can carve out 30 minutes in a day to read 10 pages of any book, but it would be especially helpful to read 10 pages of books that will help grow my mind.  Self-improvement books are interesting to me lately.  You will be in the same position at this time next year as you are this year if you don’t take time to improve yourself.  The books you read, the people you associate with, and the arenas you spend time with all determine where you will be this time next year.  It’s true.  The skills you learn by books and people are some of the most important things that will move you to a higher level in your life. 
This is my not selection of books.  I found it on "the google". :)
If you can’t stomach the idea of reading 30 self-improvement books this year (I honestly don’t think I can either), switch each one when you finish.  Read one “fun” book that interests you, but then one leadership book or parenting book that will lead you to become a better person.

I’ve heard it said that some people call living the same 80 years over and over again, have only 1 year experience, not 80.  If you go to work and come home and then go to work and come home every day for your entire life, you have lived the same life.  Change it up!  Read a new book, think a new thought.  Meet different people that challenge you. 

This is partly where my 30 under 30 list and my Bucket List came from.  I was living the same life for 29 years before I WOKE UP and started living for ME!  I used to be a “one day” and a “if someone goes with me” type of person, now I am a “see ‘ya later” and “come if you want” kind of person.  I have a selfie stick, I can use that sucker all by myself. 

You only get one life.  Just one.  Don’t look back with regrets that you didn’t do what you wanted.

Soooooooooo I got way off topic, just read 10 pages a day! :)  See where that takes you.  You can do it!

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