Saturday, July 16, 2016


I have officially come out of my "running retirement" for at least one race, Toughest 10K Kemah. I will possibly sign up for the other races in the series, the Galveston 10K and LaPorte by the Bay Half Marathon depending on how this one goes.

The races are part of the Texas Bridge Series and if you complete all three races (same year), you get a 4th medal for free!!  I have done this race twice (#1 and #2) before and did the other races in the series as well (once for Galveston  #1 and twice for LaPorte, #1 and #2).  Or go to my Running page here to see all of my race recaps.

I LOVE all of the Running Alliance Sport races because they have the best medals and other race swag/perks.  Free beer!  Customized bibs!  Glitter and sometimes moveable parts on race medals!  Tech t-shirts in race packets!  Free parking!!  Etc!

The race registration is only $35 (that is CHEAP considering what all you get) until July 31st.

If you are interested (but maybe scared!), please consider just pulling the registration trigger and joining me.  I will help you AND as a bonus, any of my friends who join me that day will get a special present from me the day of the race.  (Don't ask me what it is, I don't know yet. haha).  I will need you to comment on FB (if we're friends) or email me steph53282 at to tell me you registered because of this post. (I don't get anything special because of it, I just want to see my friends get healthy and have fun).

Let's get our "healthy on" together!

For the story of how I started running, click here.  

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