Friday, July 22, 2016

TOPS Meeting

Last night I went to my first ever TOPS Club Meeting.  TOPS stands for “Taking Off the Pounds Sensibly” and it is for anyone who needs to lose weight and have positive support throughout the process.  The membership is $35 for the year on the national level and $1 per month for the chapter membership (varies per chapter)-or $47 for the entire year.  You get a bi-monthly magazine that is filled with tips on weight loss/healthy eating. They let me borrow a few old issue copies to take home and read!

I had heard of TOPS many moons ago but never looked it up to find one in my area.  There are several meetings in the Houston/Greater Houston area that anyone can go to but they are all of the USA and maybe world (Canada for sure).  Your first one or two meetings are free! My location is on the East side of Houston at 7 pm on Thursdays if anyone would like to join me. (go here to find one in your area)

I also loved it because I wasn't being sold anything, it was just a support meeting.  There are no shakes or meal plans to buy, just a friendly support and accountability group that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  I have been looking for something like this for ages!!!  Granted, the people at my club are older or younger than me, but if I get the word out about who awesome it is, maybe people my age will sign up!!!!! There were a few teenagers there (with their parents) that are in the process of losing weight.  <------which awesome="" is="" span="">

At my location you weigh in (privately!) each week on their scale and if you lose or “turtle” (stay the same weight) your name goes in to a drawing for $$ or prizes.  You also get to put your name in a drawing for a big change jar of $$ for the end of the year. The people who gain weight that week have to put $$ in the jar ($.20 or above).  You decide beforehand how much you put in if you gain.  I guess it keeps it people accountable by having to pay $$ if they gain weight. They let you choose your amount so it will not be a burden to anyone who can’t afford to pay money in.  $.20 cents hopefully won’t break anyone but if it did then you do not have to pay it.

You also can earn pins to put on your name tag plus other fun awards and prizes.  I heard that there is an annual meeting/retreat where you can be the King or Queen of the entire TOPS organization!  Not exactly sure what that means but it would be super fun to be a Queen!! :)

They have positive affirmations at the start of the meeting, which I LOVED!!  I love affirmations.  Here it is: 

TOPS Pledge:
  I am an intelligent person.

I will control my emotions, not let my emotions control me.

Every time I am tempted to use food to satisfy my frustrated desires, build up my 
injured ego or dull my senses,

I will remember-

Someone spoke about “10 Tips for Healthier Eating” and then we were able to discuss it.  We said another affirmation before leaving for the day.  I was out of there by 7:45 PM. 

I loved it because there was no judgment and everyone had the same struggles.  When someone said they gained weight that week, people would say “that’s all right, you will do better next week” or something else similarly supportive and positive.    

Go to the TOPS Club website to look for a meeting in your area.  Your first 1 or 2 meetings are free!!!

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