Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What I've Been Up To Lately Vol 11.

I can't believe I haven't done one of these posts in awhile!  Wow. 
Found this awesome arrangement.
I went to the local Randall’s this morning (random) and found this rose bouquet in the floral case.  I love the leaves at the bottom.
Went to an event and they had these apple place settings.
I love the idea of using apples as place settings, but I don’t think they would be safe to eat, hence wasting a whole table full of perfectly yummy apples.   I’m torn.
Fell in love with a new salad dressing
This dressing is the BOMB!  (and I never use that phrase).  Tessemae’s has several flavors to choose from but I keep going back for this one.  I love how they use the wax to seal it!  I like lemon but sometimes it’s too powerful but this is not.  Just try it.  I got this at HEB in the refridgerated dressing seciton but I also saw it at Kroger.
Babysat an almost 3 year old on the 4th of July
My sister, Tori, had to work on the 4th until about 9 pm so I babysat Kali Claire.  I was planning on hanging out by the pool all day so she came with me.  When it got dark we went to the party where my parents were at and watched a $4,000 fireworks show.  Their friend has his own fireworks permit and the entire neighborhood has a block party to watch the show.  Must be nice to have that kind of $$.  We covered Kali’s ears so she wouldn’t be scared since they were so close to us.
The night before we hung out in the pool and watched them from a distance in other neighborhoods.  I saw a plane pass by and mentioned that it would be cool to see them from a plane.
Kali:  Mimi, can we please go on a plane and see fireworks.
My mom (Mimi):  Honey, I wish I had wings or a Superman cape to take you.
Kali:  (clasping her hands together in delight)  That’s a great idea, Mimi!!!
Worked out to Richard Simmons
I bought 3 new Richard Simmons DVD’s from Amazon.  I really like Richard Simmons.  If you read any of his articles, watch interviews, or just look at his social media you will see what a genuine person he seems to be.  I love that his mission in life was to help people and that he found a way to do it on a large scale for maximum impact.  What an awesome legacy to look back on. 
Anyway, I had one copy of “Sweating to the Oldies” but I let someone borrow it and never got it back so I bought some new ones.  I bought two toning workouts and one aerobics.  I LOVE THEM!!
Hooked up my trainer
My bicycle trainer that is. :)  I had this trainer for a few years now but my old bike doesn’t work with it.  I went to Goodwill the other day and found a $500 bike (I googled the price) for $30.  I figured that if it didn’t work on my trainer then I could just clean it up and sell it on Craigslist….but it worked and now I can train for bike races and/or triathlons.  Biking on ‘real’ roads scars the be-jeezus out of me so I will stick to training on the trainer for now.
Watched my garden grow
I will have a full update at the end of the summer as to how my first ever garden did, but here is a sneak peak.
Went to the Frio River
My family has a house at the Frio River in Concan, TX that we went to in June.  The Frio (or Garner State Park) is one of my all-time favorite places in the world.  It is so peaceful just to sit on a float, tie myself to a rock and just relax under the trees and the wind.  I prefer to be at the Frio rather than a beach any day.

A dragonfly even landed on me…Doesn’t that equal good luck?

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