Wednesday, July 20, 2016

1st Day of Training

So, I started my training last night for my out of retirement 10K and it hurt!  I haven't been running at all for the past 3 years so to run last night hurt.  I went to Memorial Park and did the three mile loop.  I did a walk/run combo of running every two light posts and walking the 3rd, repeat. I have to get back into the swing of running and working my mileage back up.
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  I used to park close to the clubhouse area but now I park a bit down the road.  The weather had a nice breeze to it since it looks like it was about to rain, so it wasn't unbearably hot outside.  I stopped about a quarter of a mile in to stretch (should have stretched at my car) and did some leg swings stretches that I learned while marathon training.  I also did some calf raises to stretch out my foot.
I started back and my left hip area started to hurt so I did some more stretching.  I do not want any injuries this time around and I know that me being so heavy these days does not help when it comes to injuries.  

At about my 2.5 my left foot started to hurt SO BAD!  I was afraid of hurting it like I did the last time (which was partly the reason for retirement) but it was the left foot instead of the right food from last time.

I went ahead and finished the 3 miles by just walking.  I really didn't have a choice because I had to make it to my car!   I passed the time by making a new friend and talking about running/weight loss.

Last time I hardly ever stretched, I ate horribly, never did cross training, and I over did my training with too many miles. I don't know that I realized it at the time but over 3 years of retirement, you realize these things!  

I got home and used my tiger tail (available on Amazon) for all over my legs.  I even used it on my foot a little bit but that is a really weird angle!
I think I am going to wait until I buy some new running shoes before I train anymore.  I am using some old ones that don't have too much mileage on them, but still aren't helping my foot.  There is a kick-off party at On the Run in the Webster area next Thursday and I think I will go to that to buy some.  (I think I read somewhere that there will be a discount for anyone who goes...but I could be making that up! ha).  Plus there are door prizes and I love door prizes!

I think I will buy a set of tennis balls to roll my foot on after each race.  I might bring one to work too so I can roll my foot while sitting at my desk working.  I miss running (there, I said it) so I want this to work out.  I REALLY miss the weight loss that I had with it.  I mentioned on my birthday post that I am afraid to lose weight and then gain it all back again OR only being able to lose it by doing tons of miles while training for a marathon.  I think if I just eat correctly (almost 4 months!), be active, and have a positive attitude about weight loss, I can get to where I was and then some.  Look at how skinny I was!  I will get there again, but this time without hurting myself via mileage.  

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