Saturday, July 2, 2016

Do You Remember?

I just found this in my Facebook memories.  I guess I saw a video with this back in 2014 and posted about it. What a great message!

My wish today is that YOU remember when you were amazing and get that confidence back again, darling.  You are a child of God! :)

Anyway, enjoy and Happy Saturday!!

Don't Stop Seeing Yourself

When did you start imagining who you could become?

When did you start thinking about the possibilities?

Do you remember when looking in the mirror wasn't about the self-critique, and when flaws had no place in your reflection?

Because all you knew, is that you were enough.

Do you remember when empowerment meant choosing your own outfit every morning?

When no one ever had to ask you to strike a pose.

When you'd practice your own signature, because you knew who important you were.

When your dreams weren't just dreams, they were plans.

Do you remember, when your to-do list went from "hope-to's" and "want-to's" to "need-to's" and "supposed-to's?"

When who you were and who you wanted to be were the same?

When did you stop seeing the girl in the mirror who never questioned herself?

Let your heart remember that you're still looking through the same set of eyes.

Don't stop seeing everything you have yet to try, experience, and accomplish.

We say, "don't stop."

Don't stop seeing your future you.

Don't stop.

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