Friday, July 6, 2012

Lunch time workout

Last week I came to the realization that I sort of waste my lunch hour at work. I either run errands (which isn’t that wasteful), read a book, or chit-chat in the lunch room upstairs. I decided that since I am training for my triathlon and my marathon that I need to step it up and not waste an entire hour out of my day.
What did I decide to do?  Workout during lunch!  I tried running a few weeks ago and just about DIED!  It was as so hot out….nix running in the heat of the day.  On the 15th floor of our building there is a gym, but the equipment is older and I usually am not good with free weights at the gym and I despise treadmills…nix on the upstairs gym.
Then I thought about it and decided to bring my laptop here and do a workout dvd.  Brilliant!  Well, where can I do a workout dvd?  On my floor there is an empty office at the end of the hall (for now) so I asked my boss if I can use it during lunch with the door shut.  He said I could and yesterday I brought all my stuff to workout.

Here is my setup.  There isn’t that much room in the empty office but if I move out the other chairs I could have more room (no need to-I don’t do karate!).  I set up my laptop on the table and workout in front of it.  Do you like my FLAMINGO (!!) bag with my name on it?!  I am working on strength training so most of my DVD’s have some sort of weight involved.  These are three lb. weights but I am planning on bringing my 5lb. weights soon.

I am going to try and switch it up with different DVD’s that I have at my house and I am actually going to start reviewing the different DVD’s that I have bought.  Look for that soon!!  This DVD is called Strong Body, Ageless Body (bought from Amazon) and I loved it!  I will be doing a review soon (I want to complete the DVD several times before I review it completely).

After I get done I just put the DVD and weights in the cabinet (I need to bring my yoga mat from my car) and I am done.  Simple.

I don’t get overly sweaty, but I do put body splash on me after I change (just in case!).  So far this is working for me.  When we hire another person I will either have to stop, find another place, or hopefully it will be cooler so I can go running. 
What sort of things do you do for a daily workout?  Do you try and if it in before, during, or after lunch?

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