Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What’s next?

I went ahead and took the plunge…I registered for a TRIATHLON!  The Bridgeland Triathlon on August 5th to be exact. ;)

I know, I know, bikes just about kill me but I decided that I have just over 2 months to train for this thing and I will do it!  I am actually really excited. J
Now, I will tell you that I almost didn’t register because of one detail.  They make ‘fluffy’ girls/guys go into a different category called the Athena division. :/
Now, I am sure when they created it they had a positive spin in mind.  I know that larger people can’t quite compete with the skinny witches out on the course; however it does not make you feel good to be in a different division! 
I almost didn’t register but then I decided that the race wasn’t to show anyone anything or to compete against anyone, it was to compete against myself!  Who cares what category I am in?  My goal is to finish that race strong (and get bling!).  I heart race bling. J
I have decided I am going to rock out that dumb category.  My training plan is great, but I will need to tweak it a bit because I am also going to start marathon training in mid July...YIKES! 

So you guys have to help me become more accountable with my training plan and eating healthy!!  I mean it (PLEASE!).  I will update you on the progress. 

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