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I Am Number Four: Lorien Legacies Series Review

I Am Number Four: Lorien Legacies Series Review
This is my review of the Lorien Legacies Series by Pittacus Lore.  Feel free to comment below on what you thought of the series as well.  :) Note: this is a REVIEW so there might be spoilers!  Only read up to the book you are on (or if you aren’t planning on reading them, I guess you can read them all).  You have been warned. :/
First off, I love the series!  I first heard of this series via the movie I Am Number Four which was good (I haven’t heard if there will be others made from the books).  The series is a proposed 6 book series (plus some mini e-books) and not all of them have been released.   This is a young adult series, but adults can read it also (YA: cheesy high school 'love' moments).  I have also included (at the bottom) the four Lorien’s names and their legacies that we know about so far. 
The first book is not as great as the second book, but it is still good!  The Lorien Legacies are the stories about 9 (or we think 9!) kids that come to Earth to escape the battle on their planet Lorien so they can one day return to it to rebuild and repopulate it.  They come with their Cepan (guardian) and must hide out to their Legacies (super powers) come in so they can fight!  They are being hunted by the Mogadorians from the planet Mogadorian who are trying to take over Earth as they did Lorien.  Before scattering on Earth they have a protective charm put on them that they must be killed in sequential order (#1-#9), if someone tries to kill them the person who attempts to kill them will be killed in whatever way they tried to kill the number.  Does that make since?  For instance, if I tried killing #9 (but I wouldn’t since he is super cute and mysterious!) by drowning him and it was #4’s turn (a hottie also) I wouldn’t be able to and I would drown myself.  Not a fun way to die (side note: don’t kill anyone, it’s a horrible thing to do, why would you do that anyway weirdo!).

I am Number Four starts out as #3 is being killed in Kenya.  Afterwards it follows #4 (who is next in line to die).  After #3 is killed they flee from where they are (John’s scar gave them away) and move to Paradise, Ohio.  John is at a new school and has to make new friends which isn’t easy for him.  He meets a girl named Sarah and they fall in ‘love’ (yuck! Teenagers who fall in ‘love’ get on my nerves), and John just knows it is forever (roll of my eyes at that!).  Needless to say there is a fight scene with the Mogadorian and he has to fight to stay alive but his legacies come in handy.  We also meet the fabulous (girl power!) Number 6 at the end of this book who we learn more about in the second book (plus the extra Ebook about her).

This book is a great follow-up to the first book; it had a lot more action than the first. LOVED IT!  Sometimes the second book to a series falls flat, but not this one!  This book continues on after I Am Number Four and John (#4) is on the run without HenrySix and Sam come with him and there is a bounty placed on their heads (Sam and John only).  We also meet #7, Marina who is hiding out in a convent.  Her Cepan has turned her back on her and is now a Nun of the convent/orphanage (I am not sure she is an official Nun, they might have to be confirmed or something).  The Rise of Six goes back and forth between #4 and #7 so you can get more information about them at the same time.
There are love triangles, betrayals, deaths, arrests, new legacies formed, captures, rescues, fights, secrets, partings, new characters, new developments, and much, much more.  

 The Lost Files: Six’s Legacy (available through ebook only)
This book is brief overview of what happened with Six and her Cepan before she met up with #4.  In The Rise of Six you hear her tell you the basically the story, but in Six’s Legacy you get more detail.  You hear about her time in Mexico, about when she posted a message back to #2 on the blog, when they fled to Texas, when they were caught, the torture, when she received her first legacy, when she escaped, and when she decided to go find John.  I loved the details in the book, even though it was way to short!  I wanted to hear more.  At the beginning of the book (I think it was only about 100 pages or so) she was a young woman, and after she escaped captivity you could tell she was a different person, a hard warrior. 
So far #6 and #9 have both been in captivity and they seem to be a different person when they come out (plus seeing their Cepan die must do something to you). John seems to be the same person, maybe slightly more focused (except seeing Sarah in the Rise of Six…stupid!).

 The Lost Files: Nine’s Legacy (available through ebook only)
The story is obviously about #9 and his time before he was captured (see The Power of Six to meet his character).  He and his Cepon, Sandor are hiding out in Chicago when the Mog’s catch up to them.  #9 falls in like with a girl named Maddy and it tells their story together.  It’s a short book so I can’t tell you what happens without giving it away…but I will say that he acts like a teenager (which he is) and things go south. :/  Oh, and I love the name for his iPod…iMog!

Legacies (superpowers) that are known (if I have missed any, let me know):
#4/John- Telekinesis, Lumen (lights in hands), ability to speak with animals, ability to see into the future, extra strength and speed, and able to withstand fire.
#6- Telekinesis, power to control the weather, can make herself invisible, and extra strength and speed.
#7/Marina- Telekinesis, can heal people/plants/animals, breathe underwater, night vision, and extra strength and speed.
#9- Telekinesis, anti Gravity, ability to speak with animals, and extra strength and speed.
#10/Ella-Aeternus (ability to change in age-only to the ages she has lived through)

Give us more stories Pittacus Lore!  I can’t wait for the next one to come out August 5th!  I will update this post after I read it!

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  1. I agree. I absolutely love these books and I wish there was a movie of the power of six. Read these they r amazing. 10 out of 10