Monday, July 23, 2012

Houston Marathon Training-Week 1 and 2

For my Houston Marathon training I will be joining with the Gotta Run Katy program through January.  The program is based on the Brooks Hansen Method which maxes out your running program at 16 miles but is based on fatigue.  At the height of the program we will be running 6-8 miles on Friday, up to 16 miles on Saturday, and 11 or 12 on Sunday.  Our coach, Alain wants us to be prepared for the last 16 miles of the race, so he is going make us fatigued by running so many miles within a 3 day period.  On Tuesdays and Wednesdays we will be doing strength training and track workouts plus he will bring in different experts and vendors to speak with us.
At first I was hesitant to participate in a program that maxes out the running at 16 miles (what about the next 10!) but Coach Alain (plus I Googled the Brooks Hansen Method) relieved me of my fears.  I will try and update everyone on my weekly progress as I get closer to the big day!
Weekly Breakdown (Week 1):
Saturday: I started with the program on Saturday (I joined late, some members had been doing the program for about two weeks) and Coach Alain had us run 35 minutes one way, and 35 minutes back.  I didn’t have a watch so I tried keeping up with some other members in front of me.  I covered about 5 miles in the 70 minutes we had to run.  I know that isn’t much, but for me that is a lot seeing as I haven’t run hardly at all in the past 7 months since my half marathon.  Afterwards we stretched and we had a vendor from Luke’s Locker (also a Gotta Run member) who was the manager of the shoe department speak with us about the importance of good running shoes and also the different types of shoes out there.
Weekly breakdown (Week 2):
Sunday-Met up with Gotta Run Katy at 5:45 am (but I got there late-6 am) for an early morning workout.  We were supposed to run until we got to the dam, but my friend Aly walked with another member for a total of 4 miles.  I went home and fell right to sleep, I was exhausted from the mileage the day before and staying up later than usual.  I need to get to sleep earlier when I have to be there so early.
Monday-Lunchtime workout of Strong Body Ageless Body (45 min) using 3 lb weights (need to increase the weights!)
Tuesday-off.  I switched Monday and Tuesday because I had to meet with a potential pet sitter for Jabba when I go to Honduras (and misc times throughout the year) in September.
Wednesday-Since I am still sort of training for my first triathlon I took out my bike yesterday for a short time (very short, I borrowed a fancy bike from my friend and took it out for a test run), then I ran 3 miles, then I went home and did the arms/legs portion of the Strong Body, Ageless Body DVD.  Tired!
Thursday-Rest day!!!
Friday-Restday L I was supposed to run 6 miles, but that didn’t happen since I had a last minute errand to run that took awhile. Next week I will be better about getting ALL of my workout/runs in.
Saturday-8 miles!  Coach Alain said to run 45 minutes, which should be about 8 miles.  At 45 minutes I was only estimated to complete 6 miles so instead of quitting and saying that it was ok only to do 6 miles and cop out, I completed the 8 that he said to do.  I was the last person to finish, and the group had already done the stretching portion so I stretched on my own.  Afterwards I went to Starbucks for breakfast (Iced latte and a bagel with cream cheese) and to change out of my sweaty clothes so I would be comfortable to drive to Madisonville.

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