Sunday, July 29, 2012

Duracell Olympic support

As I was watching videos about the Olympics, I came across this one about Summer Sanders and Duracell.

Duracell created a FB page where you can send a message to the Team USA at the London Olympics, and you know of course Jabba and I had to participate (I posted the pic of him with the USA headband-haha, he hates dressing up, look at his face in the pic!).  We sent a message of support to all the Olympians saying how amazing and inspiring they are. I am always inspired by the athletes after the Olympics, or a defining moment of the games to get out there and do some calorie reducing sweat sessions.  

What a fun activity to do with your kids, animals, or even by yourself.  I also think you can also win gift cards or a trip somewhere if you submit a video.  I saw something about the contest, but I just wanted to send a message so I didn't really look at it (but it would be cool to win :) ).  Go spread your encouragement for your athletes today!

Go here for their FB page, and here for their Twitter page to participate.

(BTW, I have no affiliation with Duracell, I just heard about the messages and thought it would be a cool thing for everyone at home in the USA to do)

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