Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Strong Body, Ageless Body DVD Review

45 minutes total or you can just do specific parts of the DVD

Equipment needed:
Set of hand weights (any weight-I started with 3 lbs, but should have moved up to at least 5.  Erin uses 9 lb weights)
Yoga mat or towel (if you are on carpet you don’t need one)
Water (not really equipment but she does allow a water break)

I really like this workout DVD!  It is hard enough that you ‘feel the burn’ but not too difficult to where you feel like you are going to pass out and it is only 45 minutes long so you really feel like you have been working.  The DVD has lots of different moves where you work your entire body, not just one portion; however it does not have any cardio (other than doing the moves quickly).  The studio where she does the routine seems to be at a house so it’s not a ‘typical’ workout set (which I liked!) and the music didn’t seem as loud as some DVD’s out there. I also liked that the DVD showcased only her and not two or three other super muscular, “I hate any food but protein and despise cupcakes” kinds of people.  The DVD was just her in her home (I’m assuming it’s her home) and you, making it feel like a one-on-one personal training session.  The menu on the DVD has an option where you can go through the entire routine, or just do one section and stop.  This way you don't have to fast forward to get to what you want.

The instructor:
I hadn’t heard of Erin O’Brien before I purchased the DVD, but she was great.  She is great at explaining the moves and lets you know what is good or bad form so you can be sure not to hurt yourself.  Sometimes I had to laugh at her facial expressions when she says ‘you can do it’ with the utmost sincerity.  She is quick to move, has lots of energy, and is overall adorable!  She promises not to say awesome again at one point in the DVD, but then says it again later-I actually would have never noticed her saying it until she pointed it out.  I think it’s nice that she made a point not to be that annoying trainer in her workout DVD.  She has an Earthy but not hippie vibe to her, and she seems to really care about you and women everywhere, encouraging them to ‘be strong’.
Daily Review:
Day 1-(Wednesday) I didn’t realize until halfway through that the exercises on the top right of the screen were harder than the ones she was doing (side note-on Day 4 I noticed the box has ‘harder version’ written underneath it. Haha!).  Usually the trainer does the harder exercises the entire time on the main shot, and then the small shot (or person in the background) does the original or modified version. This video was opposite so I got confused a bit.  I am surprised that I actually sweated as much as I did today!  There really isn’t any cardio in this video, but I was sweaty.
Day 2-(Thursday) Today the exercises felt easier, except for the dreaded pull your knees in and sit up routine.  Still don’t like them! I felt a bit sore today in my upper arms and also my thighs, but overall I felt good.  I actually did all of the modifications in the top right of the screen the entire time today. I realized today that the office where I do my workouts was a bit stuffy, so that might be why I was so sweaty at the end. I need to bring a fan to put in there with me.  I watched another portion of the DVD with her bio in it and noticed that her husband is a famous actor from Desperate Housewives! 
Day 3-(Friday) Good workout today!  I felt like it should be longer, but the 45 minutes whizzed by.
Day 4-Skipped Monday (feeling blah) and today was great!  Each time I get better and better at the exercises.  I have been doing the DVD with 3lb weights (all I had!) but I just purchased some 5lb weights and will try and remember to bring them in tomorrow.
Day 5-(Monday)This is my last review day, but I know I will keep doing this DVD since I loved it so much!!  I didn’t bring heavier weights to work with me, but today I felt it!  I guess it was because I skipped so many times I had to start back at square one.  I did bring a fan in the office with me, but I still sweat!

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