Monday, December 5, 2011

SFA Homecoming 2011

****This post is WAAAY late.  Should have been posted at the end of October.  I am such a slacker!

Over the weekend SFA held the annual homecoming weekend and I had a blast as usual.  I couldn’t go up there until Saturday morning, but there were still so many events for us to attend.  Between the football game, Scare on the Square, pumpkin baking contests, Driving Jacks Alumni night, and keg stands, it was a  jam packed exciting weekend.

My plan was to get up early, workout, shower, clean a bit, and then leave by 7 am to make it to the parade in time.  Which of those things did I do?  Well, I woke up, but not early…does that count?

On the road by 8 am and I stopped at Dunn Bros. Coffee in Friendswood to get a pumpkin iced coffee and an egg and cheese bagel.  When I got to the car the lid on the coffee came undone and it spilled in my car.  Grr.  It’s ok though, it only slowed me down a few minutes…I was determined to get to my favorite town!

I got to Nacogdoches about 11 am and met up with Krista for lunch at Clearsprings.  Clearsprings is attached to Auntie Pasta’s and I had never been there in the 3 years I went to SFA and the 4 years that I have been an alum so it was time to go.  Krista and I had fish tacos and were stuffed.  Afterwards we drove around Nacogdoches seeing all of our old favorite places and how much everything had changed.

We even drove by my old apartment to see if there was anyone living there, and it looks like there was.

We took some photos by the new SFA sign.  Axes up!

We headed to the game to tailgate for a bit.  We met up with old friends and I saw some people that I hadn’t seen in years.  Fun times.

We decided  that we didn’t want to go to the football game because we really aren’t fans of football, and the Driving Jacks members weren’t sitting on the grass with their letters.  We decided to head back to the hotel to check in.

The hotel we stayed in was the LaQuinta…ok so it was a motel instead of hotel, but hotel sounds better so we will go with that.  Krista got a discount from her old job so we paid about $35 less than what we thought.  Score!  We settled in our hotel room and got ready for the pumpkin baking contest and pumpkin carving/decorating contest we were judging at Scare on the Square.

Read about our pumpkin judging fun adventure here!

At Scare on the Square we ran in to my friend Amber and her son Aiden.  Aiden was some sort of car driver man.  Even Amber wasn’t sure. 

After Scare on the Square we had to book it to the Driving Jacks Alumni night meeting.  The meeting was wonderful and we got great information from them about the progress of Driving Jacks.  When I graduated (and each of us who were officers in Driving Jacks) I was hesitant to let the organization go because it had been my baby for so many years, but each year I am grateful that God has put wonderful people in Driving Jacks to carry on Amy’s legacy.

We learned all about Driving Jacks, how they have grown, what has been happening, awards that they have won, cool visitors from other cities visiting them to start their own programs, etc.

They had a cool SFA giveaway and I won a water bottle!  I can’t wait to use it at my next run.
Spencer also won a water bottle and Matt won a SFA blanket.

They also gave us some old t-shirts from past events so we can show our DJ pride.

We all went out to the stairs and took pictures as a group.  Look at our handsome mugs.

Afterwards we got to see the new Driving Jacks office and take some photos.  This is all the past Mafia game Godfather’s of years past.  I have no idea how to play that game, but I hear it’s pretty intense and it goes on for an entire week.  People hid in mini vans and jump out to ‘kill’ you, you have really got to watch your back.  These peeps are the ultimate game players, beware.

While chatting in the office my 30 under 30 list came up and we talked about how I needed to do a keg stand.  Read about THAT super fun adventure here.

I had so much fun at this years SFA homecoming.  I cannot wait to go again in the future and see how much SFA and also Driving Jacks grows.  Thank you SFA for putting on an amazing event so we can all keep in touch as we grow older!

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