Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Drunk Artist

A few months ago I bought a Groupon for a painting class where you bring your own wine!  Score!  They really should make one where you can bring your own margaritas!  We used the Groupon Friday night and we had a blast.  We met a lot of new people (some couples were even on date nights<--sweet) and got to learn some painting techniques.  Did you know wine corks make great painting tools?!

Anyway, my sister Laura also bought one so we chose one on the same night.  We are such Wine-o's!

The Groupon was for a studio in Old Towne Spring called The Drunk Artist that is just a few minutes from my parents’ house. 

We made sure to buy several bottles of Moscato wine (Cupcake Moscato di Asti is amazing!) and got ready for a really fun time.

They also had finger foods set up that everyone could snack on throughout the night.

When you sign up for a class each date has it’s own picture that you can paint.  We choose this picture of poppies, but it turns out you can choose any picture they have and paint it.  My sister and I really liked the picture of the day so we stuck with it.

Each person got a canvas, brushes, water cup, sample picture and paint.

Your hands get covered in paint during the session so I made sure to take off my rings and add an apron so my clothes wouldn’t accidently get paint on them.

Me and my final project!  Throughout my project they kept giving me pointers and different techniques I could try, but I didn’t really love my painting.  At the end the instructor told me to create a focal point so it wouldn’t be a bunch of dots all over the place.  I took that idea and created the three blue flowers and I loved how it turned out.  I didn’t think I would like it, but my finished project was great!

Laura’s final project! We both agreed that didn’t want to look at each others painting until we were finished.  

Together.  It’s funny how each of us started with the same picture, but it ended up completely different!

I knew exactly where I wanted to hang it too!  I put it right behind my front door leading up the steps.

I had an amazing time at The Drunk Artist. I highly recommend going to that studio or any studio where you get to paint.  I really can’t wait to go back and try another painting.  There is one right by my house (different name though) and I think I will go to that one also!

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