Thursday, November 17, 2011

Respect the Bird

I went into my favorite store (Hobby Lobby) in August and saw Christmas decorations up already.  What?  It was AUGUST!  Halloween hadn’t even come yet, much less Thanksgiving.  I understand the fact that some people are not as big procrastinators as me and like to shop early (or year round ßcrazy people!) but August seems a bit early.  Doesn’t fall start in September at least?

I just found this great website where is sponsoring Respect the Bird where people can pledge to not buy any Christmas presents or decorations until after Thanksgiving Day.  We all (me included!) need to remember that Thanksgiving is more than figuring out which Sweet Potato Casserole recipe to make or which family you will be going to see on Thanksgiving Day. 

Thanksgiving is being thankful that you have everything you have, great family and friends, gifts and blessings from God, and living in an amazing country that gives you the freedom to have everything and be who you want to be.
There are giveaways on the Respect the Bird website, Twitter, and Facebook.  Check it out and pledge to Respect the Bird today!  I did.

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