Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wreath Making 101

At Christmas time I have always seen beautiful wreaths on doors, and I have always wanted one.  I looked at different stores to see if I can find one that I liked and one that I could afford.  The ones that I loved were way to expensive (champagne tastes, beer pockets), so I decided to make my own!  When I looked at craft shows or even premade ones at craft stores, they were usually between $40-$100 (for an average size one, bigger ones are much more!) and I did not want to pay that much.  Me=Cheap!

I went to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s to find the items I want.  I believe the entire wreath cost between $20-$25ßIt depends on if the items are on sale or not.  I took some stuff back so I am not sure exactly how much it was (and I have since lost the receipt L ).   I choose the accessories first and then the ribbon, but some people do the opposite.

Originally I wanted red and silver but 0nce I saw these purple birds, I knew I had to switch.

We also found these purple flowers (at Hobby Lobby) and grapes (at Michael’s).  I know grapes, flowers, and birds don’t really go together but I really wanted fruit with beads and they just happened to be purple!

The ribbon was a bit different.  I couldn’t decide between three: ornate design, leopard, or swirly.  I choose leopard!

We wrapped the ribbon around the wreath and glued it in the back so it would stick. 

We played around for a few minute to see where each item looked the best.  Then the items were hot glued to the wreath or clipped on (the flowers and the birds came with clips attached already).

Here it is on my door!  It is the perfect size! 

These are super easy to make and a much more cost effective option to purchasing one.  I promise, even if you are not crafty you can do it.  If you can match colors and use a glue gun you are set.

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