Monday, December 19, 2011

2012 Goals!

Every year you hear of people who are making their New Year’s resolutions and plan on sticking to them no matter what!  Then by Valentine’s Day they have slacked off and often forgotten about them.  I have been known to be one of those said people and this year I have decided that I do not want one goal throughout the year, I want several!

I can have a broad goal of getting more physically fit or paying down my debt, but if I don’t have a plan to get there then I won’t ever get there and I will slack off.  Plus I am a list person so manually checking something off hopefully will work wonders for me.  So I have broken down my ‘big categories’ of goals and will work diligently to complete all of them! 

I have my 30 Under 30 list that I am doing for fun, but these goals will help me with making my life where I want it to be.  I don’t want to be where I am at currently this time next year.  I want to go and do and be.  Oh, and BTW feel free to make your own list and send it to me (or send me the link to your blog) and we can keep each other accountable.

Ready?  Let’s go!

My Goals for 2012:

-Complete a marathon
-Complete a marathon in another state
-Run at least one race each month-and race to compete not just complete
-Place in my age group and get an award
-Run more with friends (and convince more friends/family to start running)
-Make new running friends and have ‘running dates’ with them!
-Complete a triathlon
-Work on speed work workouts at least once every week
-Log every workout and post a weekly/monthly recap
-Run a 28 minute 5K (get fast lady!)
-Beat my PR for the ½ marathon
-Get 5 new race medals (I <3 bling)

-Pay $5k down on my student loans
-Save $5k for a house
-Have a $5k emergency fund
-Go out to eat only once per week-save more money that way
-Choose a realistic budget and stick to it

-Go on dates!  Maybe sign up for eHarmony or
-No settling!  If I wouldn’t marry him, don’t waste time with him.

-Get Jabba down to 20 lbs
-Spend more time with Jabba
-Leash train Jabba for more exercise

-Have daily quiet time

-Cook at least one new recipe each week
-Blog about said recipe each week
-Create a personal cookbook of recipes to have on hand (the ones I like)

-See my family more often.  Go on a trip with them.
-Schedule more time with close friends

Misc Personal
-Finish my 30 Under 30 list-5 months to go!
-Finish one new self improvement book a month
-Blog more!  Be consistent with posting

-See a new state that I have never been to (and not just ‘driving through’-see the state!)
-Run in at least a 5k in that new state
-Travel out of the country (cruises do count if out of the country)

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