Monday, December 5, 2011

Beach Palooza-Galveston, Texas

This post is also waayyy old!  I am a slacker since it should have been uploaded in August!

Beach Palooza was a blast!  That was my first ever obstacle course 5K and it turned out to be super cool.  My friend from highschool Michelle drove all the way from Spring to run the race with me.  You might remember Michelle from the Outriggers 5K in August.

First things first…What to bring?!   Two towels, change of clothes, deodorant, flamingo bag, flip flops, sunscreen, brush, hand sanitizer, and face wipes.

We got our pineapple hats that came free with registration!!!!

The first leg of the race was a lot of running.  Running on sand is difficult!  The first half is all sand running, then after htat we came to our first obstacle.  I actually didn’t get to get a picture of it, but it was a lot of walls that you have to maneuver yourself over.  Taller and shorter ones (about 10 total) lined the sand and you just hopped/jumped/crawled your way over it.  I didn't get a picture of it though. :/ sorry!

The second obstacle was going through walls.  They had cut outs and you had to duck down to get through them.

Noodles!  There were at least 100 noodles hanging and you had to run through them and also bungee cords.  Easy.

Bungee cords.  Go through a maze of bungee cords.  Easy.

Balance Bridge-This was too difficult, we just basically had to crawl across the bridge.

Rope bridge.  I don’t know what to call this thing so we will just call it a rope bridge, K?  You have to climb up the rope to the top and back down again.

Mud hills and Water-basically this is going over a sand hill and through a water pit .

Beach balls-By the time we got to this one half of the beach balls were all over the place.  You could easily get around them. 

Balance beam was by far the easiest for me!  Michelle didn’t like it though.  Michelle was ahead of me at this obstacle, but I was ahead and waited for her at the end. I ran up and down it with no problem, but Michelle was really afraid of this one. 

Wobbly platform.  They had about 6 platforms that you jumped to from the one before.  This wouldn’t have been to difficult except, 1.  It was wobbly! 2.  They were far about and my legs don’t jump that far that easily.

 Next is FIRE AND ICE!!!!! Ohhhh, FIRE!!!  I couldn’t get a closer shot of this one, but you can tell it’s just a small flame of fire that you have to jump over.

The. Ice. Plunge. Bath. Was. So. Cold. 

Look at the medal we got at the finish!!

Food!  More specficially, bananas!

Mike’s Hard Lemonade was an official sponsor for the event so everyone that was over 21 got a free drink!  Whoo hoo!

Before you can get your free drink, you must have your ID checked and you get a snazzy bracelet.

I got the black cherry Mike’s Hard Lemonade flavor.  Blah!  I didn’t really like the flavor.  I liked how cold it was though!  Me and my free drink.   This shot was taken right before I gave it to Michelle so she could have it (she didn’t end up drinking much of hers either-we mainly wanted the ice!)

This is the after shot.  Scary!

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