Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

I must have been a VERY good girl this year because Santa brought me so much stuff for Christmas!  J  I posted several pictures below, but there are more pics on my SmugMug page.  Enjoy!
Jabba and I hope you had an awesome day/weekend/month celebrating the birth of Jesus!

Christmas Eve
On Christmas Eve afternoon I went to my church, New Hope for services at 5:30, then volunteered in the nursery during the next service.  All of the babies in their cute Christmas outfits were so cute.  I <3 babies!  During the service the preschool kids came up and sang a few Christmas songs and Pastor Tim challenged us that each time we see a manger in someone’s yard we should say out loud “Thank you God for sending Jesus to us”.  I am happy to report that I finished my homework assignment!  We also watched the Birth of Jesus-Facebook style.  (Google it on You Tube)

As I was leaving I watched a little boy getting baptized in the foyer.  He had told his dad that he wanted to be baptized by Pastor John.  His dad said they could probably arrange it, but why would it have to be a person named John? He said because Jesus was baptized by a John.  LOL.  Kids are so cute! 

After church I went over ot my Uncle Roger and Aunt Laura’s house for a Christmas Eve dinner.  We had appetizers and wine!  Plus my favorite deviled eggs and black olives!!!!  It’s not Christmas unless I eat both of those things.

I went home afterwards and played with Jabba.  Here he is all tucked in bed waiting for Santa Paws!

Christmas Morning
I woke up about 9 am on Christmas morning planning on doing some sort of exercise but that didn’t happen.  It was cold!  So instead Jabba and I opened his present!

What is it Mommy?

Jabba got some catnip treats, a laser pointer, a new feather toy, and a Furminator.  

Afterwards I made him put on his reindeer antlers!  So cute!  He was not happy with me.

Then I stopped at my Aunt Laura and Uncle Roger’s again to see my Grandparents (Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw) and my Uncle Wendall and Aunt Kay + their kids.  We had lunch over there and I got to eat deviled eggs again.  I brought the cake balls that I had attempted to make (tasted wonderful, but looked awful!) and they were a hit.

Then I made my way to Spring to see my parents.  First stop was my Mom’s where I saw two of my favorite little men, Hunter and Cole!

Look at my presents!  All for me! 

My stocking!  When Laura and I were little my Aunt had a fundraiser at her school (waaayyy long time ago) and they were selling Christmas stockings.  My Mom got Laura and I one and we have used it ever since.  Mine has a ‘S’ in it and Laura’s has a ‘L’.  When Tori was little she was always so jealous of our stockings!  Ha ha.  Aren’t they cute?!  Vintage.  My stocking had a martini mix, Starbucks gift card, pink fuzzy socks, a Lifesaver book, and candy!  Plus I also got some wine glass charms.

My parents bought me the running medal holder that I wanted, it says ‘Never Limit your Challenges, Challenge your limits”.

And a food processor! 

And a FLAMINGO wine stopper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks Mom and Keith.

My grandparents (Grandmother and Grandfather) came over also and they gave me a casserole dish and some Bath and Body works lotion (smells wonderful!).  I have officially come to the age that I am to old to show up to a party without bringing something. In the past, I have always been able to get away with saying that my mom will bring something.  Not so much anymore. L That’s ok though, because I asked for casserole dishes for Christmas!  Thanks G’Mother and G’Father.

I got Hunter and Cole both a shirt for Christmas (which Laura had given to them already without me being there. Boo), and a gift card (Hunter-Game Stop, Cole-Walmart).  

After leaving my Mom’s I headed over to my Dad and Pie’s house to celebrate with them.  We had lasagna and salad for dinner and opened gifts.  I got an In Styler for my hair!!  I had been wanting one of these for awhile now and I finally got one.  Thanks Dad and Pie.
After my sister left (she had to go to her mother in laws house) my younger siblings (my Dad’s three other kids) came over and I got to see baby Jeremiah for the first time since May.  He was so cute! 
I got home around 10 pm and said goodnight to Jabba shortly afterwards, I had to wake up super early to go shopping!

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