Thursday, April 13, 2017

Vinyl Machine Crafts

My sister recently purchased a Silhouette vinyl cutting machine and has been making shirts like crazy.  She was using a regular iron but the vinyl didn’t always stick long term so I invested in a heat press.  Our agreement is we buy our own vinyl but we can both use each other’s equipment anytime (well, it stays at my sisters).

We started an Etsy store but we don’t have anything in it (I will make a post when we do).  She wants to focus on whatever she feels like making at the time and I want to focus on plus size athletic shirts.  I know that when I was running a lot, there weren’t a lot of shirts for bigger girls.  Yes, running made me lose a lot of weight, but I still had trouble with the fit.  I could always find shirts with cute sayings on them in smaller sizes, but I couldn’t find any in the sizes that I needed.  Hence, what I want to focus on.  We will still sell other items (my sister is creative) and custom items, but I want to focus on those types of shirts.

Thigh Gaps are for Flamingos

Laptop decorations

Anyway, if you need any shirts/water tumblers/other projects made for whatever occasion, let me know and we can make for you!

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