Tuesday, April 11, 2017

My 2017 Garden

I created a garden last year but didn’t’ want to do another one this year.  I have been travelling a lot and didn’t want the plants to die and asking someone else to take care of it isn’t the best solution.  My niece came over and we replanted some green onions.  (Did you know that if you cut off the bottom part of the green onion where the white roots are, they will regrow?!)  After we planted those, she brought her sunflower plant that she made at the Rodeo to plant and that turned into a huge garden.  Hmph. 

I can’t say no to that little face of hers!  We got three planter boxes and also planted in the 4x8 in ground box I planted in last year.  Here is what we planted:
-3 Roma tomato plants (planter)
-3 misc tomato plants (planter)
-Artisan Lettuce Blend (planter)
-Green onions (replanted stem) (in ground box)
-Carrots (replanted stem) (in ground box)
-Bell pepper (replanted seeds/stem) (in ground box)
-Carrot seeds (in ground box)
-Radish seeds (in ground box)
-Beet seeds (in ground box)
-Radish seeds (in ground box)
-Broccoli plants (2) (in ground box)
-Sunflowers (plant)-Kali stepped on this and we think it died. :/

So far the plants are doing well.  The tomatoes have three that are getting bigger and the seeds from the other plants are doing well.  The planters did not have holes in the bottom so a few of them had water staying inside and creating a mush.  We drilled some holes in the bottom and they are doing great now.  Fingers crossed that they stay that way.

I will let you guys know our “harvest” totals.  It is so cute seeing her get so excited about gardening!  She wears a little hat, has a pink (her fav color) watering can, and even has gardening gloves so her hands won’t get dirty.   We’ll see if she actually eats any of the vegetables she harvests.  One can only hope.

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