Saturday, April 15, 2017

Let's Go Fly A Kite

Can you believe it, I did three bucket list items this week?!?!  This one is a silly one, but I loved it.  I went kite flying with my niece.  No, it wasn’t a big fancy kite, it was a small $3 Cinderella one, but it was so much fun hearing Kali squeal in delight. 

We bought the kite at HEB for $3 and spent awhile just watching it fly.  At first the kite wouldn’t fly (no windy enough) but you could hear Kali say, ‘You can do it Mr. Kite.  I believe in you,” which is what we say to Kali all the time when she is learning something new that she hasn’t quite grasped yet.

She runs and pumps her arms and causes the kite to fall but she had a blast anyway.  At one point the bottom string wrapped around the dog and we all howled in laughter. 

Who knew a $3 kite would turn out so much fun?  We are going to bring it to my aunt’s house this weekend for Easter.  She lives on the water in Seabrook and it is always windy there.

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