Monday, April 17, 2017

Sew Something I Can Wear
A while ago (#badblogger) I went to a kimono robe making class at Sew Houston.  I had so much fun and can’t wait to go back to sew another project. I was looking at my bucket list back in November/December and trying to figure out what items I can do in 2017 and saw “sew something I can wear” on it.  I googled sewing classes Houston and Sew Houston popped up.  Wouldn’t you know it, a sewing class for a kimono robe was scheduled for February.  Sold!  I had to provide my own fabric and ribbon-which was great because I could get what I wanted!  I actually picked out my fabric when I went on my camping trip a while ago.

Anyway, Yolanda is great.  She keeps the classes small so you can actually learn while sewing, not just watch someone or get lost and not be able to finish your project.  There were three of us in our class, but I believe a fourth person did not show up.

We set out our fabric on the table and cut out the fabric.  She had a super simple pattern that we were able to follow.  My fabric kept bunching up and since the class was so small; she was able to notice right away and fix the problem, which was that I needed a different foot to grasp the fabric.

The robe turned out great!  I love the fabric and how well the robe fits me.  If you are needing/wanting to sew something, consider going to Sew Houston.  She offers one-on-one tutorials as well as classes.  She also has a “get to know your sewing machine” private tutorial if you bought or were given a new sewing machine.  Pretty cool.

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