Monday, May 30, 2016

In Honor Of My 34th Birthday 34 Things You May Or May Not Know About Me

1. I collected troll dolls when I was younger
2.        My next BIG goal is to buy a house and land with cash!
3.       I want to tour Ireland on my next overseas vacation (next year hopefully)
4.       I had a blanket when I was little (umm, ok until after college) named Baboose.
5.       If flip-flops were considered year-round appropriate footwear, I would wear them every day and at every occasion.
6.       I have broken my left arm twice and within a year of each other.
7.       I never make my bed, it’s a waste of time.
8.       My 2nd favorite wild animal is penguins…they are so graceful in the water!  I love going to a museum and just watching them for hours…but it smells in there.
9.       Chore I hate the most-laundry!  I would rather buy new clothes than do laundry.  True story.
10.   My dream car-a huge RV to travel North America in!  I would need to save $$ first though or have a job that I can take anywhere.
11.   I have an obsession with words that sound the same but are spelled and mean different things (homophone).  I want to make a huge list one day and I even mentally add it to that future list when I figure out another one.  (ex. Witch/which, so/sew, dear/deer, roll/role, week/weak, etc.)
12.   My middle name is Diann and I’m not 100% sure how to spell it.  I usually spell it line Diann but it could be Diane, I have no idea!  No one questions it on official forms and I don’t know where my birth certificate is.
13.   Two of my sister’s middle names rhyme with mine.  Laura’s is Deann and Bridgette’s is Leann, again, I don’t know the spelling of theirs either!
14.   I have about 10 craft projects I have started recently that I need to finish.  There is an entire craft tub under my bed of supplies of started projects.
15.   If I could live anywhere I would live close to a water source. I love the sound of water running or waves hitting the shore.  I would love to just sit outside each morning and eat breakfast and have my quiet time in nature before starting the day.
16.   My goal is to start a business where I can work from home all day and create my own schedule. BUT I will need to figure out how to keep myself accountable to actually work during that time!
17.   If I had a million dollars the first thing I would buy is a house with land.  I would love to have a family retreat!
18.   Favorite Quote:  “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Mary Oliver.

19.   If I could start any business it would be a weight loss or health retreat on land!  I would offer yoga and workout classes, long hikes, trainers, healthy food, massages, self-esteem classes, how to grocery shop and look at labels, etc.  It wouldn’t be overly expensive like some retreats; just an average price for “normal” people with normal incomes can come learn something to better themselves.
20.   My biggest pet peeve is flaky people.  Do what you say you are going to do.
21.   I am afraid of losing weight and then gaining it back again.  I had to run a marathon to lose 50 lbs and I am scared of having to do that again.  What if I meet someone while I am skinnier but then gain it all back? 
22.   My house/apartment/room is always messy but I hate it when other people’s houses are messy and I just want to clean up all day.   I don’t care if mine is messy but I will (secretly) judge you if yours is and mentally clean it if I can’t physically clean it. LOL.
23.   My favorite color rotates between purple and pink.  My school color is purple (in my favorite shade!) but I didn’t go there because of that.
24.   I am very excited about going to Harry Potter land in December after my cruise!
25.   I love dirty martini’s with extra olive juice.  My favorite vodka in them is Tito’s.
26.   However, I am not a big drinker so when I go out I usually get a club soda with grenadine.  People think it’s a cocktail and no one questions how.
27.   I helped start a designated driver program in college that has given over 28,000 rides to date.
28.   I am a middle child and sometimes act like Jan Brady. :)
29.   My favorites flower used to be tulips but now I am leaning more toward peonies.
30.   My all-time favorite movie is Troop Beverly Hills but a very close 2nd is Iron Jawed Angels that is based on the woman’s suffrage movement.
31.   I love shopping at thrift stores!  There is nothing better than getting a designer item for $5.
32.   Strawberry is my favorite flavored anything!  Cherry is  a close 2nd.  Banana and grape are a no-go zone.
33.   My favorite class in college was astronomy.  I love gazing at the stars all night.

34.   My dream job would be to travel around the world, writing about the bucket list items I do, the interesting people I meet and the scenery I see.

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