Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Last Hours of 31

I will be 32 in a few hours.  Yep, 32.  I was trying to recall my past birthdays, and I can't remember them all. #memorylosscomeswitholdage

16th birthday-My sister, Laura, graduated high school.  I remember being stuck in traffic on the way to the ceremony and my mom being upset that she might miss Laura graduating.  She didn't of course because our last name starts with an 'S' and there is no way that traffic could have been that long.  At her graduation party, my birthday cake was an afterthought. LOL.

18th birthday-My high school graduation and graduation/birthday party.  I was wearing brown polka dots (I have the pics somewhere).  That night I went to buy cigarettes and lottery tickets, just because I could. I didn't smoke, so the pack of cigarettes was useless. A few weeks later I got a tattoo.  Yes, I have a tattoo.

19th birthday-I was living in Philadelphia and I got three birthday cakes.  Yes, 3!  My aunt gave me one, my work gave me one, and my friend gave me one.  It was a delicious day.

21st birthday-Coushatta Casino!  My first 'official' drink was a Goldschlager shot and it was awful! It burned going down.  I don't think I won any money on that trip either.

22nd-27th birthdays-I don't remember!  Not because I did anything 'bad', but because I am old! LOL.

28th birthday-Waaaaaaaay too many margaritas at El Palenque.  Great friends and great margritas!  I remember going back to my dad's house (I didn't drive) with my friends and we sat by the pool. I also had a birthday cake with a flamingo on it that my friend Clarissa made me.

29th birthday-My first official running 5K!  My friends Krista, Ginger, Tyler, Debbie, Erika, and Oscar all came out to run it with me or cheer me on.  Afterwards, we went to eat dessert at the House of Pie.

30th birthday-80's theme party!!!!

31st birthday-lunch at work and then dinner with my dad and stepmom.

Tonight, I went to dinner with a friend at Happy Fatz in the Heights. They have the best fruit infused water there.  Tonight's water selection was apples and strawberries.  So good!  Go check them out!

So, to sum it up. I have memory loss and I have good friends to help me celebrate my birthday!

31 was a very hard year for me.  I have had lots of self doubt and depression this year, due to many things that I don't want to talk about here.  I will say that I have learned a lot this year and I hope that I learned whatever it was that God wanted me to learn so I can move past all of this. 

Here's to 32! Cheers!

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