Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lori's Bachelorette Party

After Krista's Baby Shower Saturday afternoon, I booked it home to change clothes for my friend Lori's Bachelorette Party off Westheimer.  My friend Lori moved to North Carolina last fall (remember her Texas themed wedding shower?) and will be getting married this June.  Her fiancĂ© surprised her with plane tickets to Texas during Rodeo time so she could have her Bachelorette party in Houston with all of her friends.

We started the night out at Yao Ming’s (former Rockets player) Chinese food restaurant appropriately called Yao’s.   There were about 16 of us there and afterwards we headed to a western dance club called Wild West off Richmond.  I am not much of a partier so I bowed out early, but I heard they all had tons of fun that night around 11:30pm (I know, I am a party pooper).

 Congrats Lori and Clyde!  I hope I can make it this summer to your wedding.

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