Thursday, March 7, 2013

Golf Happy Hour Gifts

Later this month, my departments are hosting an event at TopGolf Houston for a fun get together.  We (the Accounting and IT Departments) invited several other departments (other supporting departments) to come with us for a fun happy hour.  As departments that support the company, we don't usually get to go on outings with customers so we like to get together as a group to do fun things.

TopGolf has been open in Houston for three months now, and it is two exits away from our office.  TopGolf is a cross between a driving range and ski ball for golf <---That's the easiest way to describe it.  We are having a 3 hour happy hour there with drinks and appetizers for about 35 people.

I love planning events, so I suggested we go there as a department event.  Since it is just a happy hour I didn't need to decorate the area we will be in, but I did want a few simple touches.  This is what I made:

Table tents.  I just made the invitation and added it to these stand up folder things we use for other events at work.  They are double sided and I will put them on each of the tables.  TopGolf doesn't use golf carts, but I liked the look of this card together.  I found a picture online and just recreated it in Word. (company logo deleted for privacy).

I also made mini Hershey kiss size candy bar covers to sit around the table as decorations (not pictured).  For a door prize I added a foil star (like when you were a kid for charts) to two of the bars, the people who get those candy bars win a door prize!
For the goodie bags I made chocolate filled bags made of tulle.  I bought blue and green tulle from Hobby Lobby and cut them out in a square (they make pre-cut ones available in the wedding section, just not in the color I needed).  Just add chocolate and ribbon. I added a note that said 'Thank you for coming!' to the ribbon with an argyle background.  Blue and green argyle were part of my theme since it was golf!

 I will let everyone know how the event goes in a few weeks!

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