Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Seabrook Lucky Trails Marathon Weekend Recap

Seabrook Lucky Trails Marathon Weekend (SLTM) is several running events in one weekend organized by Running Alliance Sports.  RAS also puts on the best events, with the best swag, and I have wanted to do the SLTM for two years now, luckily this year I was able to do it! At the SLTM they have green beer as a swag item at the finish.

As the name suggests, it is a entire weekend of running events.  Saturday has a half marathon option or a half marathon relay (6.5 miles each), Sunday has a full marathon, full marathon four person relay, full marathon two person relay, or a half marathon.  If you complete a half marathon on both days, or a half on Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday, you get a third medal.  If you know me at all, you know that I love race BLING and I was all about these medals.  Each year the SLTM has GLITTER on their medals, so I was all about this race!!!!!!!!!

Saturday’s Half Marathon
Saturday’s half started with me waking up at 4:30 to get dressed, eat, feed the monster, and stretch a bit before Aly came to my house.  I drove Saturday and Aly drove on Sunday since Seabrook was so far and we didn’t want to drive out separately for both days.  We got their early and hung out while waiting for the start.  I taped up my knee and foot, and also had some breakfast.

They sang the National Anthem and then the gun went off for our start promptly at 7:15 am.  The course was two 6.5 mile loops around the Lucky Trails in Seabrook.  At the 4.5 mile area there was a short turn around with a water stop and a bathroom. I stopped to stretch and use the restroom, plus ate some sports beans.  The rest of the first leg was pretty much uneventful, but the second one it had started to get hot and miserable.  I had already not been prepared to run 13.1 miles since I had been injured and had not been training, so I was prepared not to do very well.  On the second loop I got to see my friend Marney from the 30K I did in December.  After I finished the race, I found Marney in the food section and we took a picture.  I was so good seeing her!  After the race I waited for Aly to finish while I was stuffing my face with a hamburger and ice cream!  Running Alliance Sport has the best food and race swag!

I finished at a disappointing time of 2:51:59, which is even slower than my very first half marathon. Boo.  

Sunday’s Four Person Full Marathon Relay
Back in November we registered for the Sunday four person relay with me, Aly, my friend Debra, and my friend Kennisha as the four person team.  It would have been Debra’s first running event ever and she was really nervous about it.  I had given her a training plan starting at the beginning of December, but about two weeks  away from the race she backed out saying that she wasn’t ready.  We had to scramble to find a replacement, and luckily our friend Claudia was able to run with us.  Then, the morning of the race, at 4:45 am (the race started at 7:15) Kennisha backed out because she had a headache. :/  Luckily, Carberry (Aly’s BF) was coming to watch Aly run anyway, so he was our last minute stand in.  I was NOT up for running a second leg, so I was super glad that he was able to fill in.

Aly and Claudia came to my house and we drove to Seabrook together.  We stopped at McDonald’s for coffee and breakfast on the way and this group of guys (dads and sons on a fishing trip) commented on our matching outfits.

We got there about 15 minutes before the start and Claudia was our first leg.  We had set up a camp by the finish line and hung out there until everyone was done with their leg.  We all knew about what time we wanted to be finished with our 6.5 miles so about the time we started looking across the field for them, once they came around the corner the next person went to the exchange section for their leg.

My leg of the race went ok, but I really wasn’t feeling the run.  Some days are just not good running days and this was one of those days for me.  I had run a half marathon the day before and was still tired from that, in addition to still being burned out.

We finished at 5:22:52 for our 26.2 mile race of four loops.


Overall, it was not my weekend for running.  I can blame it on my foot, my knee, the trails, or the heat, but really it was that I was just unprepared and not on my racing game.  Racing burnout has gotten to me and I am going to take a step back for awhile, especially while I am in Kenya.  No more races until AT LEAST May, if not the end of the summer. (Minus the TIR race recap I need to write and upload)

For more pics of my St. Patrick's Day weekend, plus more pics of the races go here.

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