Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's Rodeo Time!

On Monday afternoon around 4 pm my sister Laura calls me and asks if I wanted to go to the HLSR carnival that night with my nephew Hunter and her.  I said yes of course and left work a few minutes early so I could go home to change clothes and get a jacket. 

I met my sister at the Meyerland Shopping Center so we could save on parking (up to $20 to park!) around 6:00 pm and the traffic was horrendous getting to the event.  We didn't end up getting inside the carnival until around 7:15 but we made the most of our time!  We had tickets to the actual rodeo and performance (Jason Aldean) but Hunter was having so much fun at the carnival, we just stayed there instead of going inside.

The entire way there Hunter kept asking about going on the ferris wheel.  Laura went to meet someone to bring them a ticket, and Hunter and I went to the ferris wheel.  As soon as we got in line, Hunter looked up at the ferris wheel and decided it looked too tall and scary so he didn't want to ride it.  Really kid?!
We went into two fun houses and met back up with my sister to eat dinner. After we had dinner Laura and Hunter went on tons of roller coasters and random games, I took picture.  I am not a fan of carnival fast rides, I will stick to the slow moving stuff!  Give me a Six Flags theme park over a carnival any day!.

We also had a coupon that was buy two fried dessert items and get one free.  When you are at a carnival, especially the HLSR, you have to get the incredibly bad for you but incredibly delicious fried food!  Fried twinkie, fried snickers, and fried oreos.

After each ride Hunter would exclaim "That was the best ride ever!" and then the next ride would be his favorite.  At the end of the night though, he did say it was a tie between the giant slide and the roller coaster.  Right before we were leaving I asked him again if he wanted to go to the ferris wheel, and this time he was brave enough to try it.  We got in line and rode the ferris wheel. I'm not going to lie, I was kinda scared myself, but we got through it (with a prayer to God, asking to keep us safe)!  Laura does not like ferris wheels so Hunter and I went up by ourselves.  He started on one side of the ferris wheel, but when we started moving he quickly came to sit next to me and held on to me. :)


The next night (Tuesday) my friend invited me to go see Kenny Chesney with him.  Hector had gotten tickets from work so he invited me to come with him.  We got there and walked around the carnival and also inside Reliant Center where the shopping was (I was so close to buying a really pretty emerald ring!).  After walking around we headed to the stadium to watch some of the actual rodeo before the concert started.  Bull riders have their contests then wagon races, my favorite though is the calf scramble.  The calf scramble is when a group of high schoolers race to catch a calf, rope it, and then drag it into this big white box for a scholarship.  The entire HLSR is a non profit that pays scholarships for high schoolers to go on to college.  A lot of performers donate their performance fee back to the rodeo for added $$ in the scholarship pool.  To date, the HLSR has given of $330 million in scholarships.

Kenny Chesney!  It was a great concert and he played new and old songs, it was a good mix.  Hector got his tickets through work so the people we sat by were the ones who took us out. They were talking with Hector about work, trying to get more business (sales people) and they bought us drinks and peanuts. They were super sweet.  We sat in section 123, which were great seats!

Hector is my friend from college that I met through Driving Jacks.  One night at a party (TKE) I was volunteering for Driving Jacks and he came up to me to ask about DJ.  The next few weeks he stalked me all over campus until I told him go to new member orientation.  The next year (after I had graduated) he became the VP of DJ and then later the President (2 years).  

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