Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Supplies Needed for Kenya

You may or may not know that I am going on a mission trip to Africa in less than a month.  I am very fortunate to work for a Christian company that pays for half of my mission trip and also gives me an extra week of vacation to go.  I will be in Kenya for 15 days helping at an orphanage (I will name the orphanage when I get back in the US for safety reasons).  While there we will be participating in the King’s Feast, which is a feast that draws around 300 Kenyans, an abstinence seminar for teens (AIDS and teen pregnancy are prevalent there), a two day safari, and also National Geographic will be there making a documentary. 

As I am getting stuff together and lists of what to pack I asked the orphanage what they needed for supplies that maybe I could get donated.  If you feel like God is calling you to donate something to my trip, these are the supplies that are needed.   Thank you for your support. I will be sure to post lots of pictures and write about my trip when I get back (or maybe while I am there, depending on the internet access I can find).  These children have nothing and a pack of socks would mean the world to them.

-Toothbrushes (my friend Krista and her husband Tyler are donating these, but more are always welcome!)
-Barrettes and other hair items
-Dark color non athletic socks (boys and girls, all ages)
-Hats and gloves
-Ziplock bags
-Swimsuits (boys and girls)
-Outdoor activities (balls, games, etc)
-School Supplies (Backpacks, pencils, blue or black pens, large erasers, rulers, manual pencil sharpeners, sharpies, children’s scissors)
-Children’s Shoes (Ages range from 1 year to 9 years)
-Twin Sheets
-Pillow Cases
-Towels and Wash clothes
-Omega 3 Chewable vitamins for children
-Knitting needles and colored yarn
-Sewing items (zippers, buttons, needles, thread, etc)
-Kids clothes (shirts, sweaters, underwear, jackets, dresses, girls knee socks, swimsuits)

Email me at steph53282 @ yahoo  dot come or tweet me at steph53282 for more info!

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