Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hope Village

I wanted to share with you a great new place I found for lunch during the week!  It is called Hope Village and it is in Friendswood, TX close to my work.  I had been meaning to stop by and eat there (there is also a Groupon Now available), but I had kept forgetting to go. Today I went and had a fantastic lunch!!  It is a small tea room like atmosphere that serves sandwiches, soups, salads, desserts, ect.  Menu available here.

 You walk into a gift shop area and the wait staff seat you.  The walls are painted with a garden like mural and there are several tables for any size party you have.  They hand you a menu and tell you to check off what you would like to eat.  I choose the sandwich sampler that came with four different sandwiches (veggie, chicken salad, tuna salad, and pimento) that were ¼ of each sandwich and it also came with a potato chips and a pickle.  My sampler also came with soup (I choose potato) and a dessert (I choose a strawberry sundae).  The wait staff was courteous and was always there to refill my tea, I never had to ask.

Wanna hear something cool about Hope Village?  It is a community for the mentally handicapped.  In the 60’s a woman named Lucille Williams had a child that was mentally handicapped and started Hope Village because she wasn’t happy with the few services that were available to her child.  Hope Village has 5 separate homes each resembling a neighborhood for people of all ages, but starting at 6 years of age.  One of the cool things they get to do is work in the café!  The wait staff was all (besides volunteers) somewhat mentally disabled.  They were awesome!  I want to volunteer there soon, hopefully they will let me. :)

I also purchased two crosses from the gift shop (I special ordered them and will post pics when they come in) for my cross wall.  One is a glitter glaze cross and the other will be a bluebonnet cross (I <3 bluebonnets + Jesus).

If you are in the neighborhood stop by for lunch one day, you won’t regret it!

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