Thursday, November 3, 2011

Houston Texans Running with the Bulls 5K

***This post should have been posted October 16th, but I have been lazy!  Enjoy anyway though!***

It seems that every major Houston sports team hosts a 5K (did you read my Houston Astros 5K recap?).  The Houston Texans are no different. 
What to wear? What to wear?  Hmm, a new Houston Texans shirt?  Yes, please!

Breakfast was a rice cake with almond butter, pumpkin butter, and a nutty trail mix on top.  It was yummy!

I went with my aunt and cousin so I waited outside for them to pick me up and did a few stretches and took pictures of my feet. J

The race was held at Reliant Stadium.  We got there early to pick up our packets since neither of us wanted to drive into Houston earlier in the week.  My cousin also wanted to join us in the race so he had to get signed up for it.

My friend Andrea let me borrow her Garmin 201 that she isn’t using until my half marathon in December so I was able to keep track of how far I was going and what my time was.  At the end of the race the watch said 2.75 miles so I don’t know what happened. 

At the end of the race you travel down into the stadium on the floor of Reliant.  Through the blowup Toro the bull and to the finish line.

The race itself had a great course, but my legs were not feeling so hot from yesterday’s Friendswood Monster Dash so I figured I wouldn’t try and beat a specific time.  I didn’t take it easy though either.  I ran the entire time! 

Check out the cute shirt I got!

My official time?  35:34ßNot my best time, but I still finished it without stopping.  After yesterday’s race and my knees hurting, I think I did really well.  I am not sure that I will sign up for another race the same weekend I do another one.

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