Thursday, November 10, 2011

Less than 1 month…

Or 23 days to be exact I will be running my FIRST ½ marathon.  Yikes!  I’m scared.

I have run in the morning, mid afternoon, after work, and at night.  I have transitioned from running in the heat of Texas to cooler temperatures and I’ve traveled over bridges big and small.  I have cross trained and I have raced eight 5K’s and one 10K all leading up to this big event.  

I have been recruiting friends to join me in my quest for a medal and have successfully convinced at least two people, if not 6 people to join me. 

Shirts have been made, posters have been glitterized, and pasta will be consumed.

So LaPorte by the Bay ½ marathon-I am coming for you, and I will kick your ass!

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