Thursday, July 31, 2014

Houston Dash Game

Last night I was able to attend my first ever professional soccer game. I got 5 free tickets from work and I took my friend Angie and her kids with me.  It was my first time (their's too) to attend a soccer game in general and also my first time at BBVA Compass Stadium.

The Houston Dash is a women's soccer league that joined the National Women's Soccer League in the 2014 season, making it Houston's newest sports team!  Honestly, I had never heard of the Dash and didn't know we had a woman's team in Houston.  I guess since it is their first season, we haven't heard too much about them.  At this game, they were playing the Seattle Reign.  We didn't know until half-time, but Hope Solo was there playing the goalie.  I had heard of her before, but since I do not follow soccer (at all), I wasn't sure what team she was on.

Anyway, we sat in the President's club section with padded seats, which was really nice. No hard plastic seats for us!  The President's club has it's own fully stocked bar and food area, but you still have to pay for the items.  I was going to get a margarita, but it was $11!  No thanks!  The seats were in the middle of the stadium and you could see the field perfectly.

I invited my friend Angie and her family to come with me.  She had said that none of her kids have ever gone to a soccer game and that her daughter had always wanted to plays soccer.  Perfect!  The game started at 8 pm and I met them at the stadium around 7:15.

Honestly, the stadium was pretty much empty!  It was worse than an Astros game!  The boys were soooo hoping that one of the girls would take off their shirts when they scored a goal.  LOL.  Apparently they had researched it beforehand and were looking forward to it (it didn't happen).  Oh, teenage boys!

During half time, we got up and walked around the stadium.  Most of the food areas were closed, but it seemed like they had at least one open on each side.  We looked around the gift shop a bit and even waited by the tunnel to see the players come out after halftime.  We saw Hope Solo!  She didn't acknowledge any fans though, even the ones who told her Happy Birthday. I guess she was focused on the game (she did sign lots of stuff after the game for fans though).
The game ended in a Houston defeat, dashing (see what I did there?) our hopes for the night.  After the game, the kids got autographs from several players and even got their picture taken with one of them.

It was fun catching up with my friend!  I'm gad she was able to come and I could see her.  I decided that soccer wasn't really my thing, but it is always fun to attend games.  I need to get a team shirt for the next time I go!

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