Saturday, July 26, 2014

Collecting change

When I worked for a rental car company (insert the name here if you know where I worked) and was in the rental department (sales), we would have to clean the cars on occasion if the car prep wasn't there or was busy.  People were always leaving money in the cup holders or sometimes under the seats if they dropped some change.  We would have know way of telling who dropped what and most people wouldn't want to come back to the branch for a few cents.  Usually it was a bunch of pennies, but sometimes it was closer to $.50.

Over the course of 1 summer, I collected about $75 worth of change!!!  Yep, I rolled it up myself and counted it.  At that time those money machines took about 5% of your change with a fee, and I didn't want to pay it, so I got free rolls from the bank.  Now, those machines at Wal-Mart or wherever give you an option of paying that 5% or rolling your $$ into a gift card with no fee (the store that got the gift card to pays the fee).

Anyway, the point of my story was to say that change adds up.  Quicker than you realize too!  I took some time over the weekend to collect all of my change from my car, my purse, old purses, old wallets, and random drawers throughout my house and put it in a big plastic container that is not see through (so I won't be tempted). I didn't count it because I would be more tempted to spend it!  I will tell you that it is a lot of money in there (probably over $20 in change, plus some 1's) though.

My plan is to keep collecting random change when I get it back from a purchase or even when I find it on the ground going about my daily business.  I want it to be my unofficial savings account that when it gets full (it is a BIG container) I can spend it on whatever I want. Maybe a vacation?  Maybe a new thing-a-ma-bob? 

Have you heard about this guy who had over 13 million pennies?  According to that article, in America, there is over $10.5 BILLION in change just sitting around in homes.  WOW!

To start your own vacation/fun money fund, here are some resources!! BUT, be sure to bring some hand sanitizer and a ziplock for all of your change you find on the ground. 

Start today by going through your house and cars and see how much change you can find.  If you walk anywhere, look on the ground (be careful where you are going) and see if you can find some spare change!

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