Friday, July 18, 2014

Family Event at the Astros for $25

I love all Houston sports teams, I am a fan whether they win or lose.  I have gone to a few Astros games this year and recently went to a game for only $3!  I wanted to share how you can get those tickets cheap too!.

So, in order to get some more Houston Astros fans to come to the games, I am going to tell you all about how a family of 5 can go to the Astros game for about $25!  Score!  It is a perfect family night.

Take me out to a ball game! Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks.  (Tell me you didn't just sing the rest of the lyrics in your head)

(This scenario is a TUESDAY night deal only)

Here's how you can do it:
Tickets: $3/ticket x 5 people= $15* (see below on how to get $3 tickets)
Parking:  $10 per car (ish, some parking spots are cheaper/more expensive-just drive around a bit)
Drinks:  On the first floor, near the side with the movable homerun train, you can get two free sodas if you sign up to be a designated driver.  Yep, anyone (I believe it's 16 and over) who is a DD for their group, gets two free vouchers (see pic below) for small sodas.  Share (or bring sealed bottled water with you) the drinks!
Food:  Bring it from home!  Yes, did you know you can bring a ziplock bag full of food (sealed) in with you? Or just eat before the game.
Souvenirs:  Tell your kids no, it won't hurt them! Or bring a glove and try and catch a foul ball.
Total:  $25

*Just add $3 per additional person over your 5 person family
Designated drivers get free drinks!  Ignore my fingers that need nail polish and a manicure! :)
OK, so how did we get $3 tickets?  We brought a PowerAde or Coca Cola product to the actual ticket counter (not online).  I would suggest purchasing the tickets earlier in the week to make sure you can get the tickets.  You wouldn't want your kids to be disappointed if you came to late to get that deal.

Where are the seats?  Up high, but honestly kids won't notice and/or you can just go down to a lower level during a later inning.  There aren't too many seats that are filled unfortunately (sorry 'stros, but it's true).

Other fun stuff:
Did you know the Astros have fireworks at every Friday night home game?!  Did you know they give out free promotional items at various games?  View the promotional calendar and some additional promotions going on this season!

Play ball!

****The Astros did not pay me (or give me anything) to write this post. I just really want to share a good deal with everyone and gets some fans out to Minute Maid Park!

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